New Orleans hurricane

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  • osmosis

    One of the things I keep hearing about by the JWs, is just how organised, efficient and selfless the bOrg and its flock were in immediately swooping down to NO after the hurricane and doing everything possible to help the afflicted, believers and non-believers alike, without stopping for photo shoots or any such propoganda campaign.

    It seems to me they want to avoid issues such as their cult-like nature, by painting themselves as saints who give their all for their fellow human -- "they're good people so don't question their faith, because that is what makes them good people".

    And I've wondered, really wondered, what REALLY happened down there... I don't believe their version of it for a minute, and figure there had to be something in it for them... maybe they only helped other witnesses or something... it just can't be the way it's being sold to me..

    Anyone know what really happened? This seems like an internal propoganda campaign to further convince the faithful witness that s/he is doing god's work. A little too good to be true.

  • rebel8

    There were lots of threads on JW response to the NO hurricanes. You may be able to find them with Google.

  • robhic

    I live outside of N.O. and was one of the lucky ones who didn't get storm damage (other than some loose siding and 3 roof shingles...). I also am not a JW but have a friend who is.

    I never heard of one, single instance where members from her congregation drove the 10 miles or so to the city or parts outside of N.O. I didn't hear any stories of ANY JWs from anywhere going to do anything to help anyone.

    I am not saying they didn't, just that if they did it was kept a pretty good secret from a lot of members in out-lying areas and definitely from any news media -- TV, radio or print. IMO, it isn't like them to be so quiet and not "blow their own horn" when giving even the most minute assistance.


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