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    I just worked out that a big turning point for me was reading George Orwell! He writes about people who stubbornly keep bludgeoning themselves with their pet cause; holding on to their beliefs in spite of the consequences to their life.

    Themes from 1984 come up here regularly; 'doublethink' - the ability to suppress a thought that contrasts to what is acceptable to the ruling authority by turning it over and just accepting that their version of the truth is the truth. When his characters were doing that, sirens were going off in my head. The 'Ministry of Truth' is the government organisation that destroys all documented evidence that an historical event ever happened, and replaces it with their own version of history. We see a lot of that from WBTS, my favourite example being that the current CD 'comprehensive library' of WBTS publications doesn't contain the older publications that they're too embarassed to admit was doctrine only half a century ago.

    The clincher was A Clergymans Daughter: Dorothy Hare lives with her father, the local priest, and has to work out what her life is going to be if she spends it presenting a faith she doesn't have. When I read that story I was right at the point of deciding who I should be: Dorothy, or take the chance on what happened outside the bounds of what I was comfortable with. I know I made the right choice, and if I had to do it again, I'd do it twenty years earlier.

    Those stories gave me the perspective I needed; looking back, there was no alternative input into my thought process to what was being churned out of the WBTS machine. It was a jolt, but it paid off. Worth a try...

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    Read these but am still a JW

  • the bandersnatch esq.
    the bandersnatch esq.

    Sass - I'd have to agree. When I was 18/19ish and I read 1984 it was like a light had suddenly been turned on. The methodologies, the expectations, the attitudes of the Party to keep the proles in line were so similar in so many ways to the org it's just not funny. Even though written about politics, I suppose any organisation that seeks absolute control will find a reflection of itself in this book.

  • eyeslice

    I loved 1984 too. The essence is that a good idea (all animals are equal) is gradually eroded (all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others) and eventually becomes despotic.
    In many ways I love the JW message that all are equal in the sight of God but then what the system has degenerated into is not nice. Go to any District Assemble with Bethel big-wigs in attendance and try to get to see them. They hide away in the executive lounges and have bouncers on the doors to stop the proletariat getting to them - all brothers are equal but some are more equal than others!

  • daystar

    "Satan-influence literature with the objective of guiding Jehovah's people away from the Truth."

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