Top 10 Signs You're In a Cult

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  • onesong

    Based on Steven Hassan's book Combatting Cult Mind Control

    10. Autonomy and individuality are discouraged. Dependence, conformity and obedience are encouraged and sometimes required.

    9. A person must shed his old identity and aquire a new one that is desired by the group.

    8. The information one is allowed to access and be exposed to is tightly restricted.

    7. The doctrine claims to answer all questions and problems. One need not think for themselves, the doctrine does the thinking for him.

    6. Members are assigned specific goals and tasks thus restricting their free time and behavior. In destructive cults there is always something to do.

    5. The cults "loaded language" keeps members feeling special and seperate from the world around them. It also confuses newcomers and implies that they must simply "study harder" in order to "understand". Understanding simply means believing.

    4. Members are trained to disbelieve any criticism. Critical words are explained away in advance as " the lies Satan puts in people's minds"

    3. Members are told to avoid contact with ex-members, those who could provide the most information are ones to be especially shunned.

    2. People are not allowed to question the leaders or the doctrine. If there is a problem it is always that of the individual's and they are at fault.Since the doctrine is the 'TRUTH' any flaw is viewed as the believer's imperfection.

    1. People have the freedom to join but not the freedom to leave a destuctive cult. There's not a legitimate reason for a person to ever leave and those doing so will have evil befall them.

  • carla

    JW apologists,


  • Severus
  • Spectre

    I would have always answered those by saying, "But there is a reason why we do all these." And then spouted out some lame answer.

  • RevFrank
  • greendawn

    They all are applicable to the JWs and it is after all obvious that they are a cult, iI don't know why some ppl even on this forum argue that the dubs are not really a cult, they are not the most destructive cult but they are one nonetheless.

  • stevenyc

    ask any JDub if he's in a cult, and cognitive dissonance will show him the way.


  • heathen
    Autonomy and individuality are discouraged. Dependence, conformity and obedience are encouraged and sometimes required.

    how many times have we seen in publications the command to submit to the WTBTS reasoning on all matters scriptural ? This is an organization with a horrible track record with the constant changes in beliefs yet they still say it was the truth the whole time . Good Grief They still have a long way to go from what I'm seeing . This was the main problem I had when studying with them was the bullying to accept their teaching even if it made no sence whatsoever . They really can make you want to strangle them with the retarded behaviour .

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    JWs arn't a cult, they just like to be in control. What's wrong with that?

  • lost_light06

    Speaking on #9. The this years Circuit Assembly is about putting on the "new personality". I could hardly stomach this assembly. "New Personality"???? Apparantly the one God gave me isn't good enough for God.

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