With Albert Schroeder gone, there is a disturbance in the force...

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  • OICU8it2

    I don't think it will matter. I think the lawyers are in charge. I see the gradual decline. The momentum will carry it along till it shrinks into a steady-state of a couple million. 1914-1918 is their big problem. I recently copied the old "quotes" website and some new quotes in print and on disc to give to the couple that still bring the mags to our house. After explaining the info consists solely of watchtower publications with no commentary, they refuse it because it is apostate, then it follows the choosing of them as God's channel in 1918 was based on currently apostate information. Of course they could just take it and not consider it at all. At any rate, if they don't take the info I'll stop takin' their mags.

  • jgnat

    If you want to know who the "society within the society" is, check out the department heads for all the various legal entities that make up the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society AND the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Ticker
    Personally, I used to hope there would be reform among the younger GB members, but they their own opinions are ineffectual among the larger body.

    So did I when I first left the Witnesses. Then after a year or two you will realize they will never change because it is not in the managements (GB's) interests to change it. The organization is a Corporation plain and simple that is driven by a spirit of ignorance and self applied self proclaimed prophecy. No matter how many come and go on the hiearchy ladder the corporation remains the same. If any changes have happened it is the fact that it has become more of a real estate, financial investment entity. It hungers for wealth and power not ulike any public corporation except this one garnishes free labour, cheap production lines, and the ability to be above the law with regards to its members. They will crumble under memberships dis-illusion before they ever restructure their environment and elemental teachings.


  • jgnat
    They will crumble under memberships dis-illusion before they ever restructure their environment and elemental teachings.

    Well-done, Ticker. You have summarized how I've felt for some time. The organization cannot adapt to change, becuse their very structure prevents it. Rutherford set it up to last. He set it up to maintain total control. What he could not do is transfer his dynamism and energy (as misguided as it was) to the next generation of leaders.

    The recent hardline trends such as stricter shunning and discouraging college, will drive out the bright and the best. I imagine in ten years the organization will be a shadow of it's former glory.

  • eyeslice

    Personally, I think that the Society CANNOT change.
    What I mean is that they cannot change the Christ's invisible return in 1914 doctrine - they would just end up looking like planks.
    They cannot change (substantially) the blood doctrine - it would lead not only to lawsuits but huge a demoralization of the rank and file who for years have been under pressure from the medical establish over what they see is a matter of faith in God over faith in medicine.
    They cannot change the Xmas and birthday ban - too much loss of face.
    The things they can and have changed over the years are so minor they are unimportant. Things such as 3 day Circuit Assemblies becoming just 2 days, no Saturday night meeting during the CO's visit, minor changes to the Elders and Ministerial Servants arrangements.
    I think these guys will continue to tinker and never get round to addressing the realy issues.

  • serendipity

    They'll change when they are forced to change. What could force them to change? Lawsuits or government actions against them. I do expect to see more changes as a result of the blood doctrine, perhaps that it becomes a conscience matter.

  • Ticker

    They won't change, plain and simple. Even lawsuits will not change the overall momentum of this corporation. If they had a mission statement it would be to expand capital and investment holdings, minimize expenditures, and preserve it's mandates at whatever costs. Even if they did change it would lead back to my earlier point about memberships dis-illusion with their religion. Any radical changes would lead to implosion and you better believe the ones steering the ship up-top know this for a fact.

    I imagine in ten years the organization will be a shadow of it's former glory

    Absolutely, I totally agree with you Jgnat. Their expansions are now based in the third world and Latin American Markets. The old glory years of increased numbers within their home country is gone and they will never experience the highs they once had during the 50's. They have had little to none or negative growth within the developed nations for the past several years. They have been forced to slash more costs. Also expanding into under developed nations is not generating the revenue that the industrial nations could bring them.


  • TheListener

    Just an observation but weren't both the new appointees to the GB circuit or district overseers for a long time? I'm sure most of you know which department runs the COs and DOs right? If not, it's the Service Department. Any guesses who runs that? TJ.

    Someone I trust very very much told me that 'if these two got appointed then they've already passes the TJ loyalty test.'

  • free2beme

    That guy finally died. I figured it must be getting soon, he was old when I was a Witness and that was in the 1990's.

  • AuldSoul

    The last four appointees to the Governing Body have been straight out of a field of "Kingdom" work that reports directly to Theo Jaracz' department. He would not simply be looking for men who agree with his perspectives, he would require that they be toadies of his. These four men are bootlicks and comprise over 1/3 of the Governing Body.

    Carey W. Barber
    John Barr
    Samuel Herd
    Geoffrey Jackson
    Theodore Jaracz
    Stephen Lett
    Gerrit Lösch
    Anthony Morris
    Guy Pierce
    David Splane
    Daniel Sydlik

    Who else are Jaracz men? Obviously, Jaracz—so that is 5 out of 11. If you can find 3 more you have a 2/3 majority needed to create any policy or procedure Theo wants. Has he stacked the deck? Yes.

    Peopple who want reform in the org fail to recognize the way this started. Rutherford yanked control away from those Russell left in charge through highly suspect legal maneuverings. The CORPORATE heads were the original Governing Body (when the term first began to be used) and that continued until the GB stepped out of all corporate roles. But by that time they were still the corporate heads in all but name (for legal reasons, to shield from lawsuit).

    You now have corporate heads who are beholding to Jaracz. They vote the way he indicates the votes should go. It is worse than when Franz was on the GB, when you could tell by the first few votes how the decision would go. Now you can tell by how Jaracz or any one of his men votes.

    The recent appointees should have been the end of discussions of reform possibilities, but there are still some who hold out hopes despite a lack of any rational reason for hope that the org will ease its stance. As long as people stay loyal to the organization, or appear to be loyal, the organization will be enabled to continue existing. Only by staying clear of the leaven of the Pharisees (rule making, oppressiveness, and hypocrisy) can the organization be permanently changed—from existence to non-existence.

    If any lurkers believe the organization should change then you must acknowledge it is wrong in its current state. If it is wrong, you are adhering to a false religion and anything you do in support of that false religion (even pretending to agree) is perpetuating false religion. It really is that simple.


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