Dear Jehovah™ GOD

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  • lucifer

    Dear God?

    Hey God how's it going? Its Lucifer...remember me the guy you kicked outta 'your' heaven because you couldn't handle competition for power? So how's your 7000 year rest going ..ya lazy a**. All this time you've been "resting" I've been down here working my butt off trying to get people to realize you are just a lazy, murderous, raving lunatic. Anyway enough about you, lets talk about me, since you are doing nothing to stop world hunger, wars, aids etc... I have formed a Board of God, that's right a Board of God...and we have come to a vote that you do not have the skills we are looking for in running our world...futhermore since there are people who would be greatly distressed at your demotion we are letting you "retire", you can send your holy sign as of Jan. 1.2007

    Yours Truly,

    Lucifer Satan

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