Intensely lonely

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  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    NOrmally I am fine but a glass and a half of wine and my heart is breaking.

    The irony of it is is that I was as lonely as this in the congregation.

    I feel overwhelmed with life and never seem to get anywhere or get anything done.

    God, I sound pitiful. I really do have a lot to be happy for but I live up on a mountain in Vt and have almost no association as I have been house bound for so damn many years.

    Guess I had better get out and socialize a bit, huh?

    I work from home as well which although can be good in one sense it can also contribute to intense isolation.

    My yahoo pm is cabininthewoodsvt if anyone ever gets a chance to chat online. I just realized that the witnesses do NOT have the truth in January of this year so I guess that I am still in shell shock. But I had not gone to the hall for years so I have lost touch with everyone. I can not believe that after 33 yrs with them that the last few they just forgot me. I tried to get them to allow phone contact and they said no... even though I said that I woulld pay for it. Ooii!!!!i. I

    usually am not like this... really. I just need to get it out.

    Thank you for allowing me to join you and vent.

    Mary who lives in that damned cabin on that damned mountain in Vt.

  • Gretchen956

    Mary, I don't think I welcomed you before so allow me to do so now. Sounds like you are kind of isolated, thank goodness for the internet. There's lots of cool peeps here on JWD I'm sure you'll make lots of friends. Sorry to hear you're feeling down, hope things get better for you! Glad to have you on board. As for the feeling of being cheated out of your life, (I was born in and didn't get out until my late 30s) I can relate to that, but we all work through it, this list helps with that, great to have others who have a similar experience. (((huggs)))



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