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  • bavman

    I remember how excited I felt when communism fell. I was at Pioneer school at the time the tanks went through the walls and I watched Yeltsin standing on a tank with my "sponsor family". How Jehovah was blessing us! Now the good news could be preached and our brothers could have freedom. Later on the yearbook could publish freely the numbers of our brothers there in Russia and as the curtain continued to fall in Eastern Europe more numbers could be published including those from Romania. Indeed the numbers that were published were fantastic! It turned out many could be counted as faithful witnesses in those lands. I wonder though, how accurate those numbers really were? Especially after reading a page from a "Bible student" website. On a side note, I talked with a local "bible student" in my area a couple years ago who also fondly "recalled" the time the curtain fell and it was found many of his brethren were found to still be in Romania and other Eastern European lands. Here's the link to the page:

    Below is the paragraph that got me wondering....

    When the Curtain fell in Europe, the Society was eager to see what was left of the Romanian Jehovah's Witnesses. They were quite disappointed. Because of the loss of communication from the war, the Bible Students had adopted the name "Jehovah's witnesses", but were still reading and studying Russell's writings and discarding the current literature from the Society. When the Society came in, they were dumbfounded at what they saw. Bible Students going under the name "Jehovah's witnesses".

    Could it be that these "Bible students" were among those counted by the society. They were going under the name of "Jehovah's witnesses". Certainly they WERE NOT Jehovah's witnesses in reality however.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

  • Balsam

    It is likely they were really Bible Students, and because they had limited information they ended up taking on the name Jehovah's Witnesses thinking it was all the same. Can you imagine how confused they were? I am sure the Society would have no problem counting these Bible Students as JW just to make themselves look good.


  • Narkissos

    As the next paragraph mentions, the bigger non-WT JW group in Romania cling to Rutherford (especially on the issue of "superior authorities" being Jehovah and Jesus). This has been discussed a number of times, with links to their website and all, but this is all lost without a working search function.

  • vitty

    So does anyone have any idea how many bible students there are throughout the world? Ive always thought they sound much more gentle than the WTs aggressive voice.

  • TheOldHippie

    The Society most surely would not include Bible Students in the figures of JW publishers in Roumania. The BS are the Independants, The Rutherfordians/Early Knorrians.

  • TheListener

    How many pubs are in Romania now? More or less than when the curtain fell?

  • xjwms

    Good question Listener

    How many are current in Romania

    Could it be a miss-understanding?

  • blondie
  • blondie

    These might be called Rutherfordites.

    but are not associated with the WTS.

  • GermanXJW

    Maybe the Bible Students are exaggerating a little? Romania seems to be one of the success stories of the Watchtower. But recently it was flat like the rest of the western world.


    peak avg
    1989 15,589
    1990 19,030 18,003
    1991 21,696 20,405
    1992 24,752 23,035
    1993 28,285 26,441
    1994 31,085 29,789
    1995 33,541 32,472
    1996 35,037 34,368
    1997 36,405 35,588
    1998 37,452 36,680
    1999 37,915 37,332
    2000 38,659 38,179
    2001 38,763 38,311
    2005 38,423

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