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  • anewme

    I dont know about you but I have to really work myself up to exercising.

    It is not something I enjoy I guess cause I always let it go and wind up where I am.

    I've gotten myself in shape three times before. Honest to god gorgeous competition beauty.

    But dang! It seems all these little attitudes have to be playing together for me to begin and get going.
    I need to get aggressive!!! Arrggghh!!!! Yaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Rrrrraaaaaaaa! (cough! choke!)
    In the past a new man was the motive and incentive.
    But that wont work now.

    ( They used to sell these little diet pills that gave you great energy and took away your appetite at the same time. But they pulled them off the market for health reasons)

    I got out all my old rock and roll CDs. They are playing right now loudly in the living room.
    Well at least the player is getting a work out.

    This is the 4th day in a row I have said I would get up early and start exercising.
    But if you look at my posts I have been on here for the past 4 days.
    I have no discipline!!!!!

    I must try one more time to get svelte for the summer!!!!!

    Exercise is the answer. I did it before and I can do it again.

    You know what is my incentive goal? For my former JW friends to see a beautiful Anewme this summer!!!

    Yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! AAAArrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • collegegirl21

    Lol, you can do... treat yourself to something fun if you exercise, do you think that will help?

  • misspeaches

    I can so relate to the way you are feeling. The only way I seem to have real motivation is if I have spent money on it. Then I want to make sure I get my moneys worth.

    That's why tmrw I am joining a gym. Its really cool. Ladies only. Breakfast included. State of the art equipment. Its one of the best gyms in Australia. I'm excited!

  • tetrapod.sapien
    ( They used to sell these little diet pills that gave you great energy and took away your appetite at the same time. But they pulled them off the market for health reasons)

    ephedrine? lol. it's illegal in the states, but not in canada, for now. jacks up your metabolism. one of the main ingredients in meth. a few weeks ago i walked into this health food/vitamin shop, and asked the sales woman, "do you sell ephedrine?" and , lol, she looks at me like: "you poor, poor soul". and goes,"er, no. you're going to have to go elsewhere for that sort of thing." ha ha, what a cow. perhaps i looked a little strung out, and asked a little loudly. it's possible.


  • misspeaches

    ephedrine? as in psuedoephedrine? We have such a hard time here in Australia even getting our cold and flu tablets over the counter because we might grind it down and make speed out of it LOL. I got some yesterday - sounding all blocked up and the chemist quizzed me about why I needed it. I coulda sneezed on him to prove my point - next time I think I will.

    You can get the diet pills with ephedrine in them here too but only with a prescription from your GP.

  • snarf

    I buy a "dream outfit", one that makes me look hot and sexy, but I buy it a size smaller than I wear, that is usually enough motivation for me. I was taking some pills called "RELEASE" it was invented by a doctor in Nebraska. They sell it at GNC in some Iowa locations. I love them. They suppress my appetite, give me enrgy and boost my mood. I have a hypothyroid so my metabolism is always a little slower, but when I started them last January 2005 I lost 25 lbs. in two months with no change to my physical activity and I have kept it off.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Get a workout buddy and admit to yourself that you look fat and bad. Also realize that you can change it. I slacked off for the past year and am working harder than ever but I need to admit that I have fallen and look bad as compared to before. I won't sugarcoat it. When I had a workout buddy, he'd talk smack and say I was a lzy fat a$$. Motivate yourself into action. Heck the better you look, the better chances of attracting the opposite sex and a hotter one at that!

    Stop slacking. I slacked once this week but have been diligent ever since. Just say no to sodas and fast food and eating after dark!

    See you at the gym today!

  • Chimene

    I'm with you on that! Done it before, will do it again! Tread mill Tread mill Tread mill Tread mill Tread mill Tread mill LOL

    Misspeaches! please, watch out for ephedra, it tears up your liver! yikes!

  • Elsewhere

    I'd be happy to help whip you into shape!

  • anewme

    Whoooooo! THANKYOU PEOPLE!!!! I appreciate your responses so much! I need SOME STIMULATION!!!

    T.S. some of us did very well on Ephedra!!!! Dang!!!! They always take certain drugs off the market because SOME PEOPLE dont do well on them. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US WHO ARE DOING GRRREAT ON THEM?????

    Now what am I to do? Thanks Snarf for the RELEASE idea! I tried "Up Your Gas!" years ago it was loaded with stuff. Now it has a little caffeine and ginger or something....eeewwwww no thanks.
    I even tried 5HTP or something to boost my thing a majig or whatever....same thing...nada

    Well kids, it looks like plain old fashion exercise is my only way out of this mess.

    You want to know how FAT I have gotten? Do ya????

    Ever seen a QUEEN TERMITE???? Well, have you???

    They are digusting to most of us, but beautiful I guess to a male termite! And guess what?
    I married a lovely young male termite who thinks I am his beautiful queen and absolutely gorgeous in my folds and rolls! Yes girls some guys like chunky gals. This was news to me!

    This is why this weight loss will be extra challenging! My ex used to jab me and chide me when I would gain a few, but this new man just hopes it will slow me down so he can catch me more!

    Jokes aside, this is my challenge to lose weight for moi me for the first time in my life.
    My man is happy but Im not.

    The incentive of clothes is a good idea. I have some Temptress size 6 blue jeans I am sooo anxious to fit into!

    I'm not a gym person----tried it years ago and it doesnt do it for me....

    Im a home work out person. And I need LOUD ROCK AND ROLL!!!

    If by chance you are driving by the mountains and hear some raucous POLICE, LED ZEP, or ZZ TOP playing loudly from the top of the mountain------yep, that's me kickin it high to become a beauty again this summer!!!

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