Hello, hope everyone is fine and dandy

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  • daystar

    Welcome back Asa!

    I don't know if anyone else has this but do you find yourself thinking about religion, politics, science, social issues etc much more than people in general who have had no contact with the JW's?

    Ya think?! In general, yes. But I do know a number of people more obssessed than most here, who have never had contact with the JWs.

    Like garybuss, I have a hard time knowing anyway else to be.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Hi Crumpet! Great to hear from you. I know what you mean about being at the computer too much, it's definitely addictive this intnernet stuff.

    Hi Daystar & Narkissos too

  • Trojan

    Another british friend. I don't know you, but welcome back. I'm kinda new here....

    ....hope we can have interesting conversations going (and funny ones, as I need a good portion of humour to go on).


  • greendawn

    Welcome back NWT and don't worry too much about the expansion of the universe and what astronomers say about what happens at astronomical distances it may well turn out to be wrong.

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