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  • candidlynuts


    you asked in your first post

    I'm just curious, is there anybody else on this sight from England, because everybody so far seems to be American or Canadian.. Cheers
    i'm american but yes there are some from england.. i posted this so they can say hi to you and welcome !!
  • hazeljane

    Ohh cheers!! Hi! It's difficult to talk on forums coz my computers being really slow tonight! But, how old were you when you left JWs? I still feel like i have so much unfinished business there, like there are so many things i want to say to the appropriate elders!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi hazeljane

    welcome to the board and hope you enjoy your stay

    I'm in the UK (and my computers really slow tonight too - i take it as a sign that I should be tucked up in my bed by now lol!) what part are you in?

    I've never been a JW only a 'near miss' fortunately! I find it helpful here to sort out any lingering doubts.

  • ferret

    Welcome hazeljane.

  • MsMcDucket

    Hi Hazeljane! I'll think that you'll find that your cup runneth over with English Blokes here! Nice to have you here. I'm American, but we've all been IN the same place!

  • hazeljane

    Hey everyone! what a welcoming site! haha, do you find that everytime you write a new message it stops you after like the fourth word? Or is that just me?! In response to Sad Emo (hah, i feel like im calling you that, how rude) i'm in York. Where abouts are you?

    And in response to others, yes, we are all IN the same place....its strange i've never thought of coming on here before, but im glad i did.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Welcome, hazeljane!



  • bigmouth

    Welcome hazeljane, there are a handful of Kiwis here and a few more Aussies.
    We click on to much of what you're saying because of a similar culture. The Americans and Canadians have their own little turns of phrase that take a moment to figure out.

  • candidlynuts

    hazel i started being inactive in the mid/late nineties when i was in my 30s.

    i just got tired of always being told to DO MORE when i was knocking myself out to do what i could do.also total lack of love. i felt invisible for years.

  • Cellist

    Hi Hazeljane. Welcome to the board.


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