The Bethel Life, Chapter 1

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  • mann377

    Your experience took me down memory lane. I was there for four years. The (last) table head that I had was a jerk. At first I though he was ok but as time went on I realized he was a control freak. He demanded that you ask permission to leave the table early. Most of the table heads were lifers and had no real life outside of Bethel. After 1 1/2 years at this table he had the nerve to tell the rest of the people at the table not to speak to me, as I had anounced that I would be leaving Bethel, after four years, to take care of my mother. He said that I was not one of "them" any more. So for one (last) week I sat there in silence and then quietly left the last day, not one word to those I sat next to for 1 1/2 years! I often reflect back on that experience with amazement of the mind control so many people were under. There conduct flys in the face of a normal well adjusted person. I ,like DanP, could fill your ears full of all kinds of wacky things and people at the table. I was there during the '75 blow up. All most of the people talked about at the table that year was the "date".

    PS: Don't feel sorry for me about that experience as it was the begining of my deprograming and lead me on the way to freedom!

  • wunce_wuz

    When I was there, during the summer months there would be open seating, which meant I seldom would be there for breakfast. I'd show up afterwards to raid a few tables for food. Yep, summers meant sleeping in later.

    As for those circular wash basins in the locker rrom. I remember a roomate telling a story when he walked into the locker room a new-boy was taking a leak in the wash basin. apparently the new-boy lived a overly sheltered life. After telling him thats what the urinal was for he moved to the correct target...while still peeing.... some guys...

  • daniel-p

    "Were you there, or do you know, how Bethel reacted to 9/11? I've heard conflicting stories."
    No, I left just before that happened.

    About 34 Orange, I'm sorry I have no idea what he means. Is it one of the residences down at Brooklyn?

  • startingover

    My buddy said 34 Orange was a residence away from the others. I think it was an apartment with 3 bedrooms. He knew of one guy from CA that left Bethel and still stayed in NY, living at 34 Orange.

  • stillajwexelder

    looking forward to part 2 please

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