If Witnesses had new light not to shun anymore....

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  • JH

    If the Witnesses received orders not to shun DF'd ones anymore, would you want to talk to them, or would you shun them in return, just like they shunned you, just to show them how it felt like.

  • collegegirl21

    I think I would start out shunning, for a little bit, a couple of months and then I would ask them how it felt. But I dont think I would be able to keep it up forever because I'm too forgiving and I would want to spend time with my family and old friends.

  • Dune

    Never was DF'd/or DA'd. But I'd get drunk and show up during the middle of the theocratic ministry school and pass out in an aisle.

  • carla

    Would you have to listen to them preach to you?

  • schne_belly

    Well, that's hard to say. I would hope I could find it in myself to forgive them.

    However I think that even if they were told they didn't have to SHUN anymore, that wouldn't change things. It is engrained in them that those who have stopped attending meetings are unworthy of Gods love or even being treated like a human being. Those of us who are already gone, would continue to be shunned. It MAY change how future DF'd people would be treated though???

  • IP_SEC

    I dont shun them now. You see, as garybus once said. I can talk to whoever I want.

    I'd still feel sorry for them since they are still being told what they can and cant do.

  • daystar

    I'd discontinue associating with anyone who is extremely so rigid in their thinking and unable to accept critical reasoning on a subject or concede that alternative viewpoints may be just as valid as their own.

    If new light to no longer shun people was the only change, I still doubt I'd have much to say to most Witnesses without their labelling me as demonic in a matter of a few moments of serious and inevitable discussion. The baptists and episcopalians down the road aren't shunners, but I still don't see myself being welcomed with open arms by too many of them either. *shrug*

  • anewme

    I think it would be wonderful if they would drop the shunning thing!

  • Finally-Free

    I really can't think of any JWs I'd want to associate with except for my mom, and she doesn't shun me. I didn't really fit in with them when I was one of them, and we have even less in common now.


  • rimbaudbunuel

    First off if shunning or df'ing didn't exist - then jehovah's witnesses as we know it would not exist. The fear put into people to not question not deviate in any way with df'ing is what holds and binds jehovahs witnesses together. What allows a few people to control the minds of over 6 million people. If it did exist jehovahs witnesses would become like the majority of other religions full of factions and spinoffs and discrepency. However if my family and friends didn't shun me yeah I would love to talk to them.

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