So, who is anxious for Spring?

by JH 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • bythesea

    I'm with Brigid...I love all the seasons!! I love Spring because of looking forward to getting out in the garden and seeing the bulbs coming up and what survived the winter cold! Also, working in the ground is therapy for me..the dirtier my hands are the better I feel! Saves tons of $$ on therapists!!


  • rimbaudbunuel

    I dont like seasons

  • delilah

    Spring has sprung in San Jose!

    I'm so jealous, Nina....enjoy. I'm so ready for spring....I can smell it in the air. Today was a beautiful sunny day and the snow is melting. Finally. The birds are singing every morning outside my window too. Good sign.

  • JH
    The birds are singing

    they sing in french here

  • lucifer

    it was plus 4 today!!! thats like the Bahamas for PEI lol... we actually had a really calm winter but I can't wait for the warmer weather and sunshine

  • Cellist

    Me. I'm more than ready for spring.


  • DigitalFokus

    I can't wait to get muh firebird off blocks and out of my front yard...hahah jk

    rear wheel drive cars blow up here in minnesota. so i am looking forward to drivin my sports car

  • Super_Becka

    As much as I love snow and winter and winter sports and cold weather, I'm starting to look forward to being able to feel my toes again. Some of us spend all winter being very cold no matter how warm it is inside or how much clothing we wear, and you know, I think I'd like to feel my fingers and toes again, it might be fun.

    Plus, I'm sick of wearing my winter jacket every time I think about going outside, I'm ready to switch back to a lighter jacket again, and I want to put away my heavy winter boots and my mittens and scarf.

    Yup, I'm definitely ready for some spring. Bring it on!!

    -Becka :) (of the "feels like Newfoundland gets 8 months of winter every year" class)

  • juni

    I, too, enjoy all of the seasons. We had a very bad December and a mild January and a so-so Feb. So far March as been o.k. and it's supposed to warm up near 50 this week. Bad thing is the heating bill!!!

    On my dining room table in front of the window, I have amaryllis, hyacinths, mini rose bush, and primrose. So I have a touch of Spring going on in the house. Can't wait to get outside in the flower gardens. Mainly have perennials.

    Summer can get rather hot in Wisconsin. I don't like the humidity.


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