Made someone laugh with fake "new light"

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  • MissBehave

    Someone just told me that her JW husband had never taken an IQ test and said he never would. So I sent her this e-mail saying that he must have received this "new light" from the latest Watchtower.....she had a good laugh. Disclaimer: I really have no idea what Acts 21:3,4 say.

    "Intelligient Quotient tests are very popular "in the world". They seek to present some fellow humans as being superior to others. In Paul's letter to the early Christians he admonished the congregation "do not be puffing yourselves up like a peacock or some other big animal that has very pretty and colorful feathers". (Acts 21:3,4). While there is nothing scriptually wrong with wanting to test or even improve your intelligence, would it be kind and loving to stumble your brother by making him think that he is just a stupid dumb ass? "

  • willyloman

    New light? You kidding? This is right out of the '57 WT, p. 608.

  • bebu

    Very funny!


  • ButtLight

    would it be kind and loving to stumble your brother by making him think that he is just a stupid dumb ass? "

    Ha ha! Funny

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Here is a sample of the way the society views this matter:


    on the News

    Watchtower 3-15-79 Page 23


    Smarter than Blacks?

    • The writings of Cyril Burt, the British founder of educational psychology, were viewed for years as ‘proof’ that racial differences in intelligence are caused by heredity. Recent findings published in "Science" magazine have shown "beyond any reasonable doubt" that such data collected by Burt was "fabricated." In his widely acclaimed writings, Burt asserted that whites were smarter than blacks, that upper-class children were mentally superior to slum children, that the English were more intelligent than the Irish and Jews, and that men were brainier than women.

    It was previously thought that some of his errors resulted "from carelessness rather than deliberate fraud," but the disclosure revealed that the entire column of numbers arranged by Burt was identical with figures published over 30 years earlier and derived from a completely different survey. He merely picked various IQ’s and assigned these to different classes of persons.

    The report summarized recent findings of IQ tests: "[An IQ test] measures only a particular aspect of mental ability. Different tests test different mental faculties. In any group of people there will be those who excel in one capacity but do poorly in another." No race is inherently more intelligent than another for "[God] made out of one man every nation of men."—Acts 17:26.

    In all the articles I looked at this was the theme - race, and secondarily gender! I never thought of race in regards to IQ - why do you suppose the WTS is so fixated on that? Strange - but not unusual for the odd way they deal with things I guess.


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