Patrol of the kingdom hall property.

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  • mdb

    Out of curiosity, does the kingdom hall make a habit of sending a pair of men out to patrol thier building during weekly studies? Once a week there are certain individuals who walk around a certain kingdom hall to pray against the organization and for the salvation of those inside. Almost like clockwork, at 8pm two well dressed JW men walk around the building once. On one occasion, shortly after 8pm the front gate to the property (compound) was closed while the meeting was in progress. Is this standard procedure?

  • lost_light06

    My cong. usually has 1 or 2 bro's walk around the outside once every half. All of my previous congs. have done the same. We've had problems with car break-ins though.

  • Dune

    Our kingdom hall is in an area with a growing crime rate. My brother and I used to do regular kingdom hall sweeps, but i think the elders caught on to that we were just trying to get out of the meetings (lol).

    Its not really standard, but its more of a case by case thing. A sister had her car stolen during another meeting so now we're "allowed" to do sweeps again.

  • candidlynuts

    before i quit going, around..........98 i guess, there was a talk given about the need for attendants to check the parking lot during the meetings, after that 2 bros at every meeting would go out and walk the property during the meeting. my ex was always excited to have that " privlege" when he was reinstated in 99.

  • Highlander

    As mentionted before, it's a case by case basis. Some congregations require that a brother or two is outside watching the parking lot during the entire meeting.

    This is typically done in very high crime rate neighborhoods. I live in a nice neighborhood, but I drive through North Long Beach on my way home and as I pass by

    the kingdom hall, there is always a brother or two outside watching over the property.

  • Mysterious

    Here they only patrol on halloween, likely due all the eggings and vandalism. But I think there is more extensive patrol at assemblies. They did put a locking gate across the front steps area to keep all the youngsters from smoking and carving things into the door.

  • misspeaches

    They had patrols of the Kingdom Hall in my area for as long as I can rememeber. Only difference was that there was only 1 brother at a time who went out. They were assigned to go out in 15 minute shifts. They had a little box at the back saying who was next on the list. The hall attendant was responsible to approach the next brother on the list with a card and they'd have to go out.

    Sometimes the hall attendant would lose track of the time and in the middle of winter on a freezing night you'd see the poor brother trying to get the attention of the attendant to replace him... I'd feel sorry for them.

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