Are a lot of your relatives starting to exit the Witnesses?

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  • free2beme

    Basically in my life I have a handful of relatives that are still in. My mother and sister, my in-laws and my sister-in-law. Over the last ten years of our exit, they have actually been pretty supportive of our decision. In that they did not ignore us, or shun us, it was just family as usual. As time has gone on though, my father-in-law has told me he does not believe any of what the Witnesses teach and only goes because his wife would basically die inside without it. You see, she lost her parents in the 1986 within a couple of months of each other, and never got over it (I have never seen such an extreme example of mourning, this many years later, from anyone). Well the Witness religion is how she mainly deals with it, in that she keeps telling herself that she will see them again at the resurrection. Well my sister-in-law, has basically told us she is not as active any more and on more then on occasion, has expressed openly her doubts. Which as we all know, is often the beginning of the exit. My sister told me last night he stopped attending and turning in time, six months ago and expressed a lot of negative feeling about how the Witnesses have handled her issue. She originally stopped attending, as she is fighting Lyme Disease and needed more rest time. The elders said that the Lyme Disease could have been a tool of Satan, and that pretty much ended her beliefs in them being even sane. My mom is still into it and active, but more and more I am seeing them exit the religion. Is this something others are seeing or am I alone in this?

  • Emma

    Sadly, none. They're more firmly entrenched than ever.

  • BluesBrother

    Not around here, they are not! My relatives are 40yr plus dubs or have been born into it and they seem as firm as ever.

    There is, however, an element of realism about elders Circuit Overseers and even magazine articles.. They are all openly criticised but the concept is seen as the Organization of Jehovah..An experience such as yours would be debated and shrugged off as just another stupid elder, of which there are many

    BTW I am sorry for her illness, from what I know, it is very nasty

  • metatron

    Most of my relatives are hanging on but my wife's relatives are almost completely gone. Reason: consistent lack of love

    by the congregations they attended.


  • anewme

    Free2beme, I wish!

    After my dfing I tried to return only to find I could no longer agree with much of the religion.
    Now my hope is that more of my relatives and friends will find their way out too.

  • unclebruce

    My die hard relatives are still Jehovah's Happy people™ Daily Walking With Jehovah™ Bravely Pressing On™ Watching How They Walk™ Moving Ahead™ Cleaving to Jehovah God™ Staying Awake, Standing Firm and Growing Mighty™ in The Hope of Mankinds Jubilee™ ...even though some of them are Having Intense Love for One Another™

  • Wolfgirl

    I wish my sister and brother would open their eyes. But sadly, no. All of them that were active JWs are still active JWs, and firmly entrenched as far as I can tell.

  • Gill

    I hope not! I wouldn't want to have to start seeing them all again!

  • damselfly

    Quite the opposite, since I've gone they have become more firmly relgious then when I was growing up.


  • gumby

    Not a damn one in my dub family that consists of a gazillion drone dubs. Neices, nephews, daughter, grandkids, wife, mother, sisters ( 2 ) of them anyway, cousins, aunts, dead uncles......all dyed in the wool dub bastards and me and my two heathen apostate sisters are the only renegades in the whole damn bunch! Ain't that just awful?


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