Witness relief efforts in Katrina area... this surprised me

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  • Frog

    I'm sure that many of us here are well aware that there are good and kind people who remain in the WT org, and although they're perhaps a little misguided their intentions are good. I'll bet ya these are the efforts of a kind few acting off their own back, who's good work the org will take credit for to gather browney points, and maintain their charitable "appearance". I don't mean to sound the synic, but the WT org is not out to offer the sort of charity Jesus freely dispersed. They have shown too many times that they're only in it for themselves, and are about looking after their mates.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    As I understood him, the society was footing the bill in some measure at least. I suspect that the brother's going down there are paying thier own way, and likely the society contribution to the thing is materials on the job site and the food they have in the area for relief. Insurance is an interesting question - I suppose many don't have insurance that will cover all the repairs - hence the need for volunteer labor and supplies - but I really don't know the details. I found it an about face - they may need a charity face lift - since so many have made it so well known how they have acted in the past. This might be a basis for some articles in the magazines? PR is prob the right word - but I hesitate to impute motives without the facts. I think he said the Regional Building Committees are heading it up in this area.


  • Kenneson

    If there are no strings attached I would say: "It's about time!"

  • MinisterAmos

    I call BS on this (or at least the major part)

    We repaired over 700 houses after Horrorcane Ivan in 2004/5. During the initial efforts to sort out what needed to be done, SOME brothers assisted worldly people in cutting trees etc. BUT ONLY IF THEY WERE NEXT TO JW HOUSES.

    Not one worldly person had a roof put on or dry-wall hung by Dubs.

    The worldlies who lived near the Halls were welcome to have lunch at the soup kitchens, take a dump in the porto-pots (no water) etc. but that was about it.

    When I went to help out in LA/AL after Katrina I saw no signs that plans were being made to help worldlies other than what I described above. It would reflect a tremendous doctrine change to ask Bros to come from all over, live in squalor just to fix an Athiest's roof for free. I wouldn't do it.

  • MinisterAmos

    Remember the opportunity cost for the Bros. being there as well. First, anyone with any Const. experience is earning $30+ per hour (and some Bros. are VERY good tradesmen)

    This means they are losing income from their jobs at home AND are giving up the opportunity to earn big FEMA bucks. They aren't even covered by Worker's Comp. (they are but it's a big secret and are discouraged from making claims) when working for the Org.

    I was planning to have a look around GulfPort this week end, I'll check this out but I would be very surprised if it was anything other than a rumor or a one shot deal with a non-baptized Publisher or something.

  • greendawn

    This will be a very big change in JW policy if it's true, as usually they live in a state of isolation and do not really like interchanges with the world outside and they hold in low esteem the idea of charitable works even for their own needy members. Somehow it's hard to believe that they have changed so much on this issue.

  • candidlynuts

    jws i know went down there a couple weeks ago with a crew to help jws out.. couldnt find anyone and the elders here coudnt find anyone to hook his group up with. they ended up helping some group put a roof on a house while they waited for word from the elders and org and then just came on back home.

    the elders at his cong were UNABLE to find how to hook that crew up with jws down there.. so i doubt there is an organized effort by the headquarters down there, otherwise the elders would have been able to hook up with someone.

  • moshe

    They are still getting their instructions from the 'Mother ship" - the individual JW's don't have a clue how to do an act of charity for the needy on their own. Everything is orchestrated from the top-



  • willyloman
    the elders at his cong were UNABLE to find how to hook that crew up with jws down there

    Maybe because a lot of JWs in NOLA have boogeyed, what with their houses all gone.

    There was a thread on this forum earlier about all the "missing" JWs who left when the flood waters were coming and never returned.

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