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    inaneframe -

    welcome to the board.

    I can relate to feeling sad when JW's are labeled a cult. When I first left I felt so STUPID and FOOLISH for believing this my whole life. Then I felt worse because people I loved and respected were believing this stuff also. My dad, like yours, is one of the smartest people I've ever known, how could he be fooled right?
    Anyhow, I read a great book that helped me see how people become sucked into these monsters of organizations. The book was called Toxic Faith. Helped me to see how being a JW and NOT being a JW has nothing to do with how smart you are.

    Hope you stick around and post.

    nice pic by the way :)

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    That's another thing! Who in the hell decided who was an "Anointed" one?!?! I could NEVER for the life of me get a clear or even half way understandable answer! No matter who I would ask... HOW were they decided?! Was there some sort of mass orgy with which Rutherford was involved in that he decided based on who was the best lay back in the 30s-40s?!

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    Welcome inaneframe.

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    I like your pic too freedomlover ;)

    Thank you for that Narkisso, it helps.

    Wow could it be that I actuallt fit in somewhere... amazing... :o

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    Ok well off I go... I hope to be back online sometime during the week. Wish me luck!

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    People have a strange idea of what cults are. I think that most people see the guy in the white robe and sandals, with the shaved head, selling flowers at the air port, when they think of a cult. And they wonder, "How did this person fall into this? Why would they choose this?" But really, IT chose them. There was a need, and this group, whatever it is, fulfilled that need.

    Have you ever read any books about mind control? Steve Hassan has two that are very enlightening. My brother is a HIGHLY intelligent man. A genious, really! And he became a Mormon for a time. He told me once, that even after he got out of the Mormons, it took a long time to get the Mormons out of him. Most of the people I know who have become involved in mind control groups, are extrememly smart. And since these groups tend to focus on having all the answers, it appeals to their intelligence.

    Look around on this discussion forum! These people are brilliant! ......For the most part :)! Ha!

    Cult is a loose form of saying "mind control". It refers to when it is used to manipulate in a negative way. It takes away your freedom to be your genuine self. Toxic Faith is a very good book to read, to show you the difference between healthy and unhealthy faith. You can see how charsimatic, well-meaning people can turn something meant for good into their own agenda.

    There is a method to breaking through the mind control too. If you try to just "get someone out", you can do more harm than good. But you can enable them to start thinking for themselves. By asking questions. Don't try to be the teacher. Don't try to tell them anything. Just ask questions that they have never thought of and that will make them do some research. And don't push too hard. It could very well be that you are in this position, because no one else can better understand and have the heart that YOU do to help these people find their freedom. YOU can take the time to do the research to help your family and friends see that the WTS doesn't really have all the answers. They don't have the truth. YOU care. That is important. YOU LOVE them. Most other people are either afraid or too impatient to even try to talk to them. YOU can make a big difference.

    If you would like to PM me and find out about some of the resources I have that have been helpful to me, I would be happy to help in any way. You are in a very unique and difficult position, but you are also in the position of being able to make a huge difference. Will you do it?

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    My dad is one of the smartest people I know to. He knows some things in the religion are wrong, but he is to stubborn to admit he has wasted most of his life following men.You were allowed to be inactive at age 12, maybe that is why you appreciate it instead of being bitter about it. You were allowed to go to college, to associate with people other than just the witnesses, etc. That always makes it easier than those of us who were held back for 18 + years.

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    Welcome to the board...stick around there are alot here who dealt with the same things you are!

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    Dear Inaneframe,

    Welcome. I'm so glad you came. I love Taoist teachings---I'm far too mired in ego myself, but I admire Buddhists and (D)Taoists (I have a good friend who's "one")

    Anyway, you wrote this and it resonated: "I believe that being raised this way has only made me better in most ways,"

    I could not agree more. Even though I had some lousy experiences, through them came tremendous growth opportunities. And I learned ALOT. I would not be the person I am today without the upbrining I had--and I love the person I am today.

    Bright Blessings,


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    Hi inaneframe, welcome to the forum!

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