Surprise! Surprise! Another CELECBRITY JW!! (almost)

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  • stillAwitness

    Terrance Howard (Crash and Hustle and Flow) wife is a JW including their 3 kids. Not him though, he was quoted as saying in December's issue of Essence Magazine that the religion is "too strict" for him. Ya think?

  • Super_Becka

    I read something about him being raised a JW, but he's not active or strict or anything because of the film roles he chooses.

    Then again, what celebrity can be a "real" JW??

    -Becka :)

  • Dune

    I'm a celebrity JW...just not that famous yet.

    Its funny that he's being mentioned, we talked about him today in class.

  • gumby


    Time to shine

    "Hustle & Flow's" Terrence Howard becomes a Hollywood player.

    Howard, a 36-year-old married father of three, indeed has been toiling since his late teens, appearing in more than 30 films. That's him as the villain in "Big Momma's House" and the lovable cad in "The Best Man." Most recently he played a TV director in "Crash," which tackles race relations in Los Angeles.

    Although he's made a career of portraying less than reputable characters, Howard, who grew up in Cleveland, seems to be deeply religious. His points often are illustrated with biblical allusions; in under an hour, he makes three references to Moses. "Whenever God thinks it's your time to accomplish part of His will, that is when it will happen," he replies when asked why mainstream recognition has eluded him. "For 40 years, Moses sat in the wilderness herding sheep."

    Maybe he's too smart to be a dub


  • SixofNine

    What a great actor. Hope he gets wise to the fact that there is far more negative about the JW religion than it simply being "too strict".

    See Hustle and Flow if you get the chance, whores. (yeah, I read your other post, you choco-trollop).

  • Purza

    I read this article today.

    It doesn't say that he is a JW, but that he is "has raised his children as Jehovah's Witnesses". Not exactly sure how you do that if you are not one. Perhaps his ex-wife is one?


  • stillAwitness

    His ex-wife? From what I read in the essence article they were still married though I would not be surprised if things have changed since then.

    There have been rumors that he has been linked with Dayanna Torres (Marc Anthony's ex-wife who he is now with Jennifer Lopez)

    We shall see....

  • Axelspeed

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