In case any of you are School overseer assistant kiss ups

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  • IP_SEC

    Here this will make your talk scheduling easier.

  • luna2

    IP, you are such a helpful guy. LOL

  • silentWatcher

    you know, there was a school overseer that used to use a program similar to this. It lead to some interesting assignments: my favorites were the pre-teen girl getting a talk #3/ #4 about a godly view of sex and marriage with a sister older enough to be her mother as the "householder".
    I wonder if this program is a little more sophisticated. He used to print up the school 6 months at a time, and hand out 2 -3 talk assigments at once(!). ugh.

    It demostrated a great deal of thought went into the talk assigments. My dad when he was school overseer actually READ the School assignment list (themes for each talk) to make sure stuff like this didn't happen.

  • caligirl

    Ha. That program was probably the reason my 14-year old step son was assigned a talk on marriage a few years ago. I remember him telling us about it and we were wondering how a kid gets assigned that subject. That program would answer that question.

  • IP_SEC

    I used it when I was helping the non computer using School over.

    I can tell you that the yalls school overseer must be lazy if kiddos are getting talks like that.

    1. They are supposed to take the individual into consideration when assigning talks.
    2. It is very easy using this program to reassign the talk if it doesnt fit the person the program assigned.

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