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  • mrsjones5

    Mom calls me this morning. Chatting, just chatting about my oldest son's birthday yesterday (he turned 12 and we took him to dinner and a good time was had by all), about my sister, about us and the kids going out to California this summer to visit my parents, about when mom should be receiving her Girl Scout cookies and Mary Kay order from me. I related how after the sermon at church my son tried to invite a friend out to his birthday dinner. I like my son's friend but we had already told my son that his dinner was going to be family only. Mom and I continue to chat about this when she comes back with "What do they teach you at that church you're going to? I'm just wondering about that. Tell me what the sermon was about last Sunday."

    Ok, so I tell her the pastor was talking about speaking in tongues and I parapharsed some of the scriptures he used. "Oh", says my mother who goes on the say that she didn't think the pastor knew the true meaning of speaking in tongues and wonders of what the pastor said was bible based. I told my mother that everything the pastor said about speaking in tongues was bible based and we looked up scriptures along with it. I told her the pastor didn't use any book but the bible during his sermon.

    "Oh really" says my mother, "I just wanted to know if your church is actually telling the truth about speaking in tongues because we actually believe it's something quite different from what your pastor told you."

    "I know" I said "and I like going there."

    "Why?" says my mother.

    "Because the church is inclusionary instead of exclusionary" I said.

    "What does that mean?" says my mother.

    "They don't believe they are the only ones that are going to be saved." I said.

    Then my mother says something to the effect that yes the jws believe they are the only ones that will be saved and says a quick good bye.



  • hartstrings

    She sounds like a very nice person who loves you very dearly underneath all of the gummy WT goo. I'm glad your son's party went well. One more year until the teenage years, are you ready??


  • pratt1

    Believe it or not, that conversation is a step towards your Mom undertanding your position and your belief structure.

    My conversations with my Mom started out the same way, her asking me questions, her honestly wanting to undertand why I have "turned away from the truth".

    In time my mom can now even agree with me on certain issues regarding religion, things that are not normally taught at the hall.

    Parents are very strange when it comes to conversations about the dubs. I finally realized that my mom views my rejection of the dubs as rejection of her parenting skills. She has had a hard time separating the two. Maybe you can't, but I can see the progress we have made over the years, to th point that she can accept but not agree with my views.

    I hope you and your mom continue to have an open dialogue concerning religion.

  • mrsjones5

    Yeah I can see the progress.

    Over the last year since my baptism my mother has made some slightly rude comments about what she now thinks I believe. Today she just asked questions. I don't for a minute think it is because she is questioning her own faith in the organisation. I think she is actively trying to find fault with whatever she thinks I believe. That's ok, it doesn't really bother me.

    I've already set up boundries that she knows not to cross (that took a while).

    I know in her own way that she loves me and only wants the best so when she makes silly comments for the most part I let them side and pretend she didn't say them but because she is my mom and I know her better than anyone (other than my siblings) I know to always keep my guard up.


  • mrsjones5

    Uh I better be ready for a teenager, huh

    Good lord it will be in a year!

  • nsrn

    Josie, Don't you just heave a sigh of relief when a conversation like you had with your mom happens? She brought up questions, you were honest and matter of fact, and she didn't challenge what you said. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  • mrsjones5

    Yes I heaved a sigh of relief that it didn't result in a fight. I respect my mother and don't, for the mostpart, challenge her beliefs as long as she respects mine. So far so good. I only hope it stays that way.

    Josie ~ crossing her fingers

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