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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I was just watching the history channel and their talking about Hell- the devils own. When talking about the devils challenge to God over Job. One of the commentators makes the statment that 'not only was this a bold move on the devils part, but, also shows how he just wanted to do evil for evils sake, when you consider no one can challenge God and win.' My question to flip the script is...If the devil made this challenge only just to do evil against a servant of God, Does this make God evil for accepting the challenge?

  • DavidChristopher

    I don't know...that is a very deep good question though!

    unfortunantly...like alot of other good questions...all you can get from me and other humans is opinions. To ask us that...would be like asking us how hitler justified killing jews. it would be strictly hearsay.

    I hope you can ask Him yourself, and I can listen in.

    That is the only way that question can ever be answered.

  • pratt1

    Yes, it does make God evil. What purpose does it serve to allow someone to be tortured because of a bet.

    It is the most arrogant and sadistic story in the bible.

    I often asked my parents if they would allow me as their son to be tortured just to prove a point.

    Of course they answer that they would not, so if you wouldn't do that as a loving parent, why would a loving God do it?

    They never seem to have answer for that part of the question.

  • candidlynuts

    i always thought it showed an extreme lack of love for jobs wife and kids!

    they died and were easily replaced..geez is that love or what?

    i watched this show with an episcipalian..(spelled that wrong i think)

    anyway, he said that Lucifer (satan) was the first heavenly creature created. anyone know anything about that? as a jw i always thought jesus was. but if it was satan it explains why he'd expect some control over humans..

    (ugh i feel like i'm talking about soap opera characters)

  • luna2
    (ugh i feel like i'm talking about soap opera characters)

    Excellent analogy, candidly.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Thx for the responses.

    Candidlynuts, I have a question for you. You say you watched it with and epicopalian (I probably spelled it wrong too.) Do you find it more insightfull to watch shows that talk about the bible from a scholarly point of view, with someone of a different religion, without the prejuduces of a witness?

    This question is for others that may want to answer too.

  • greendawn

    I think Job's book is not genuine it is more like the apocrypha, its main contention is that men love God if he is kind to them, but they should love him even if treats them unkindly. Under this supposition I think they should not, why love someone that hates you? So the whole book of Job is masochistic mythical nonsense in my view.

  • dvw

    yep, good call.

    i have the same feelings about the genesis account of adam and eve's fall. why did jehovah even put the tree of knowledge in the garden? if he wouldnt have, could adam and eve have sinned "on their own" in the first place? adam and eve were essentially "infants" when they encountered the serpent... thanks jehovah! they had no experience with anything or anyone aside from god. jehovah allowed a supremely powerful psychopath to lure his children (who had absolutely no idea that there could be another being in existance who would seek to do them harm) into unspeakable consequenses.

    here is how i parallel it.

    if you were a parent, and you had direct knowledge that there was a murdering pedophile lurking around the neighborhood, would you scurry your kids into the house and protect them? or , would you just tell them to behave and set them out in the yard, ALONE, with no defense against a threat that they have no idea even exists?

    what would a decent person do? what would a decent god do?

  • Leolaia

    dvw....Well put. It's amazing the clarity with which one can look at some beliefs when you stand back from them and look at them objectively.

    Even more to the point, Adam and Eve were prohibited from eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, so how could they have known that it was wrong to set aside Yahweh's warning? A little bit of a catch 22 there....

  • dvw

    leolaia, where were you 6000 years ago? we coulda used ya.

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