Recently Revoked JW Charitable Status in Canada

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Yaaay!; I love deletions.

  • RunningMan

    Every year, every congregation has to fill out an Charitable Organization return for CCRA (that's Canada Customs and Revenue Agency). As an accountant, the job always fell to me. The first year that I drifted away, they forgot to do it, and my old congregation had their status revoked. They can easily get it back. It really is amazing that so many forget every year. The society reminds them mercilessly.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    And as a corroboration of Runningman's post, here's a copy of one of those timely reminders that are sent out.....Failing to file the return on time this year means not only losing status but also having to pay a $500 penalty.

  • LDH

    mwah ha ha. I love it when those letters make their way to the internet. A big round of applause to those who are providing critical documentation.


  • hijack

    Well look at entry #8


    The reason they are a bit poor in record keeping is they are in prime ski country and skiing is much more fun that being an accountant

  • dothemath

    I think most of these congregations listed have been deleted. I know there's been a few congs. dissolved in Saskatoon, and the Jasper cong. has been deleted for some time also. They now have to travel some distance to Hinton, Alberta.

  • Oroborus21

    That is a plausible explanation DotheMath. I wonder also whether some of these might simply be registered under a new or different name ala
    "Christian Congregation of.." instead of the old name.

    I would be surprised if any of these were genuinely caused by sloppy recordkeeping. When it comes to money I have never known Society-men to be anything but spot on with "i" doted and every"t" crossed.


  • blondie

    Having been married to an accounts servant, and related to 15 others over the years, I would say one out of 10 brothers are qualified and do a good job. I even know of 3 brothers (not my relatives) who "borrowed" from the KH funds.

    Since they look for "spiritual" qualifications, being able to add is not required. Many times the brother is just a figurehead and his wife actually does the accounts.


  • RunningMan

    Sorry Oroborus, but I can personally vouch for sloppy filing of the charitable organization return. Besides, when a charity is disbanded in Canada, it should notify CCRA and fill in the appropriate winding-up documents. All funds must be properly disposed of charitably (usually by transfer to another charity) and the disposition reported.

    So, whether these congregations and circuits exist any more doesn't matter. There is only one reason to be on this list - sloppiness.

  • heathen

    They don't belong on a charity list . The only reason they changed to strictly donations was to avoid paying taxes . They are not a charity in that you will get nothing from them if you are not a spit and polish dubby . Most of their money goes into developing real estate such as the new printing facility .

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