JW qualities you gained after you Left.

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  • vomit

    For me it has to be materialism and brotherly love. I have left all earthly possessions behind, traveled the world, strive for true knowledge. In my journey I have meet and watch how some many people live. And most of them are lost, always worried about who’s at the top of the ladder and "how can I get there". Whether it is religion, money, power they are feeding the system. The thing is I want to help them all, but I have nothing to give them.

    When I grew up my mother would have the fruitages of the spirit posted on the wall and us children would have to work on them. You cant work on these things, but you will see how fast you gain them once you shed the lies you have been feed all your life.

  • DanTheMan

    I've pressed on to maturity quite a lot in the 4 years since I left. For anybody who would laugh at that, you have to realize where I started off from, LOL

  • hartstrings

    For me, I've lost the judgmental attitude toward others and therefore learned humility. I used to feel like I was on a high horse looking down at all the soon-to-be destroyed worldlies and it was my job to try and convince them how wrong they were. There was this black and white attitude, gray need not apply. Having stepped away from that constant propaganda and joining other groups where we were actually HELPING others instead of judging them changed me very easily and really humbled me.

  • upside/down

    I actually am more "christlike" than was possible as a Dub...and I'm not even "christian" anymore.

    I love being able to listen to any and all views...and not have to "make an issue" out of anything.

    I also have developed an allergy to "assholes", especially "religious" ones.


  • Frog

    - selfrespect

    - optimism for the future and a belief in people

    - self confidence to stand up for those things I stand for

    - a sense of community responsibility

    - critical thinking and the power to see things for what they are

    - evaluative skills, taking all things with a grain of salt, not being quick to cling to new lines of reason

    - genuineness

    - mental peace :)

  • candidlynuts

    i gained the ability to have friends and to BE a friend.

    also, the realization that " THE WORLD" isnt out to " get " me .and seriously, as of yet the only people i've ever met in my whole life that had an agenda to " get " me were jw's. people i've met since then , either i fit in their life as a friend, acquaitance, or i dont.. theres no trying to cram round me into their square hole of requirements.

  • hartstrings

    Forgot the most important one; the one that JW claims they have the most but are the furthest from:


  • Gill

    I have! Love, Joy, Peace, Self control, Mildness, Lots of Peace, (Can Swear Like a Trooper and FEEL GOOD about it!) Hartstrings - That Freedom one - That's just excellent!

  • whyizit

    I've never been "in", so I can't really answer from that side. But I can tell you the difference in my friend. We have been best buddies for over 30 years.

    She used to be very independant. A thinker. Now she is starting to lose her ability to assess anything without the advice of her JW guru.

    She never said anything snide about other's beliefs or situations. Now she is very judgemental about everyone and she slams Catholics and Methodists like they are the scum of the earth. As well as military personell. (All this while knowing full well that I have dear family members who are in these groups.)

    She used to be honest to a fault. NOW she will LIE! Which is the biggest shocker of all. She writes and tells me that this explanation is in "her own words", blah, blah, blah....and proceeds to give me a long drawn out WTS bunch of stuff, complete with the Bible verses at the end of the sentences that really have nothing to do with anything.....yea. She always did talk like that! NOT!

    She also uses strange language. Loaded language. Gets the blank look when you hit a trigger word, thought stopping cliche. Hears one word that triggers that, and the conversation is over. YOu could be telling her about something really interesting to her, but one out of place word, and it's OVER!

    And she has so many negative things to say about everyone. It's like she hates the whole world, except for her JW friends.

    I look forward to the day when she leaves the JWs and becomes the fun and loving person she used to be. She is pretty miserable to be around lately.

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