The Ori of Stargate

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  • Balsam

    Have any of you been following the True path of the Ori on the Stargate show on Scifi Channel. How the Ori intend to destroy all the unbelievers through out all the Universe's. Fundamentalist type religions like JW's, Muslims, and other such fanantical religious ideas certainly are represented by such Science Fiction stories. I found that watching such programs really helped me see the control of the WTBTS over me. In turn it helped me see their perspective was false and had nothing to do with anything. Did any of you ever find watching such stories like "The Village" helped them wake up?


  • IP_SEC

    I think this is the true message of the ori and gould threats in the show balsam. I was thinking that last night.

  • Balsam

    IP_SEC, I like you think the message to people through these shows is wake up people faith in religions that think this way is nonsense.


  • JamesThomas

    Last night I watched Sg-1 where a follower of the Ori, a kind man, finds himself killing others who do not believe. As it happened I wondered how many Jehovah's Witnesses would do that if push came to shove, if they sincerely believed their god demanded it of them. I wondered would I have done that at one time. I'm 99.9% certain I would not. But not 100%; not 100%.....but then it's hard getting too depressed while watching Claudia Black.


  • VM44

    The writers have the character Vala become with child having known no man, it is the will of the Ori!

    It was amusing that it was mentioned in the show by Teal'c that this happened with Darth Vader as well. Then there was some mention about it happening also in King Arthur's time, propably due to the actions of an Ancient.

    The show wasn't bold enough to mention anything about Jesus, although I am sure they were teasing the audience if they would by having a character say "This has happened only once before"

    SPOILER: In the next episode, Vala gives birth to a child who is the physical representation of the Ori in human form. She rapidly grows to the age of 12 years, and then has something to do with leading the Ori army to our galaxy.


  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Hallowed are the Ori!

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  • VM44

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  • VM44

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  • blondie

    Some months ago I posted this same thought when this storyline started on Stargate. It was very eerie how the priors show up and force the common folk to obey or visit plagues and other horrible things on those who rebel.

    I thought of the WTS right away.


    Are there things worse than disfellowshipping?


  • daystar

    Yep, watch it every week. Great storyline. I followed Claudia and Ben Browder from Farscape to see how far along SG-1 has gotten.

    but then it's hard getting too depressed while watching Claudia Black.

    I'm trying very, very hard not to make some off-color comment here. I love Claudia Black. She is one of my types.

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