How it feels.

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  • wanderlustguy

    Don't know how else to title this one. I went almost a whole week and didn't even think about "them". I work out away from computers, etc so I'm not digging for info anymore, no more research, no more stories about how wrong someone was done, just life. I'm so busy with the business or organizing the business, etc that I can't do any of it.

    The mountains are awesome to see, it's like I've never really noticed them before, same for the sky on a good clear it's all new. I guess I never really realized how much of a shroud my life had over it, even as an "aware" ex dub...gettiing away from everything I was doing when I found out the real truth has really done something to me...I'm sleeping more and better than ever, almost like I've been sick and am coming out of it.

    I never would have thought it could be like free.


  • wiegel

    I know, isn't it cool? Talk about being "reborn"!!!!

  • serendipity

    Though I'm still on the fringes of the JW world, I started feeling alive back in the mid 90's when I decided I was going to stop judging people and I was going to treat everyone the same, even if they weren't JWs. I felt so much lighter and my heart felt so expansive. The more love and acceptance I felt for people, the better I felt.

  • Nikita

    Good for you, WLG!! Enjoy your new -found freedom-it's great!!


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