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  • schne_belly

    So when you were DF'd, how many halls were you announced in?

    Reliable rumor has it that the three in my family who have either DA'd or been DF'd in the past month were announced in two seperate halls 20 miles apart.

    I don't think this is standard procedure? Any thoughts? Is this new?


  • Finally-Free

    I was announced in 3 halls that I'm aware of, all of which are halls I once attended.


  • schne_belly

    This must be case specific.

    I am aware of people who were DF'd and only announced in one KH - even though they have attended others...

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I'm pretty sure there were 6 Halls in which the announcement was made about me. 3 in Cali and 3 in Texas. Paranoia on their part.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    I think I was only announced in one congregation as being DA....but the district overseer at the time made mention of me (or my situation..not by name though - how considerate) at the next district a warning to others or something to that effect.

    I was flattered. Bastard!


  • schne_belly

    Frannie - 6 HALLS!!

    You must be bad!!!

  • blondie

    It used to be announced in all the congregations they were known in in the late 60's and early 70's. I guess they didn't want to make people curious in other congregations and stopped. In the last 5 years I attended, I heard people announced I had never seen at the meetings; that made people curious.

    They stopped that about the time they stopped announcing what the specific sin was they were being DF'd for.

    But they make the rules and I think when "apostasy" is involved and the person has connections with several congregations they might make multiple announcements.

    Notice they never announced Ray Franz in any other congregation but the last one he attended that I know of.


  • dozy

    The announcement is only made in one KH now. (Source - elders letter - 2000?) Obviously , if the individual associated with several congs or had a great deal of contact with a particular cong , then it might be made in more than one.

  • Poztate
    I'm pretty sure there were 6 Halls in which the announcement was made about me. 3 in Cali and 3 in Texas.

    Sounds like you are bragging to me........

  • Dune

    I've been to meetings where someone who got reinstated hadnt come to the hall for years.

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