Was Judge Rutherford a Success?

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  • VM44

    Can Judge Rutherford be considered successful person?

    The answer is "Yes, he was very successful indeed."

    This is amazing, because Rutherford really was quite an ignorant man, particularly about science.

    He was, however, very very crafty, and was able to place himself as president for life of a religious organization, and have all the members of the religion thinking that he was chosen by Jehovah God himself to lead and manage the religion. His word was absolute within the organization, and he could not be questioned. He was untouchable.

    Quite amazing if you think about it.


  • VM44

    In general, all religous leaders enjoy the admiration and protective treatment from their followers.

    This probably has something to do with the belief by the follower that their leader is their link with God.

    The followers truly take to heart the saying "Do not touch my anointed". Even if their leader does something questionable, they will still defend them.

    It almost can be considered a type of insanity.

    Forget the "almost", it IS a type of insanity!


  • theinfamousone

    rutherford was a ruthless drunkard... he went to strip clubs, partied all night and yet, many of his decrees. or rules if you will are still accepted by the J-Dubs of today!!! oh yeas, he was a success... a successful fraud... he was the foundation of todays j-dubs, and he taught them how to be good frauds alright!

    the infamous one

  • VM44

    The idea of the Theocracy was created and taught by Rutherford so that he would have absolute power over everyone below him in the Organization.

    It never dawned on the JWs, or Joe's Witnesses, that they were being used, not by God, but by an individual.

    Of course, Rutherford himself might have believed his own lies and actually thought he was chosen by Jehovah! His ego was certainly large enough for him to believe that.


  • blondie

    Certainly not at family life. He lived separately from his wife for many, many years; even when he was in California, the state she lived in. I understand his son Malcolm later in life had nothing to do with him. Can you imagine an elder today living in a separate house from his legal wife, sick or not? I guess they couldn't let him auxiliary pioneer.

    His books spew hate and when he died, Knorr toned them down.


  • TMS

    Rutherford was a success as a politician, a failure as a family man.

    He was an opportunist, a bigot, a bully, a charismatic speaker, a hack writer.

    In another life, I see Joseph as a successful rock promoter.


  • Honesty

    Judge Rutherford was an extremely successful man.

    He fooled millions of people during his tenure as President of the WITCHTOWER BABBLE and TRACT SOCIETY.

  • JW_Researcher

    Hi TMS,

    You wrote "Rutherford was a success as a politician"

    I have read that he was involved in politics (and of course you could be referring to "political" within the organization) but have yet to find a solid reference.

    "Rutherford Uncovered" mentions it as does Gruss but ...nothing specific like "in 19XX, Rutherford ran for office of XX and won/lost..."

    Do you have any information regarding his life as a politician?

    Thank you.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If we are to believe Schnell (Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave), Rutherford had a vision of a huge publishing empire. That was his main goal. The organization he started has become exactly what he wanted.

    Was he an alcoholic, ruthless, anger and hate-filled man? Absolutely!

    Was he hurtful, isolated from his family (who would want to raise a child with him?) bigotted? Again Absolutely!!!!

    the Politician? Yes.

    Despite his hatred toward government he sidled up to them when it suited his purposes. Political activity does not always mean the country, state, city kind of politics. Within the WTS he was a political dictator. He grabbed the presidency illegally. He tried to cosy up with Hitler of all people. He laid down a pattern within the WTS of using the law to gain attention for his "cause".

  • M.J.

    Delusions of grandeur. He WAS a politician...The President of the self-proclaimed only valid government on earth...The Theocracy.

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