they are pushing aux. pioneering AGAIN this "memorial season"

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  • ?me?

    i was thinking since we have a congo "goal" of 30 aux. pioneers, do you think the elders or the service committee would NOW allow me to give it a shot? (that is if if actually wanted to )... i am one of those 1-4 hour publishers (sometimes more; 10 hours last month because i did some rbc work, and if i the pioneers can count it, i will count it). but seriously all you elders out there, can anyone in the congregation give it a shot in these 3 months, even if they have went 5 years averaging 2 hours a month? i almost want to put in the 50 hours and NOT sign up to say "screw you" to the whole system...

  • ballistic

    What is your time worth per hour to you?

  • jwfacts

    They won't care what your average is as long as you seem genuine in your committment to make the hours. Of course your must have a good reputation in the congregation, and not on restrictions.
    Not quite sure why you would want to though, there are far more productive things to do with your time.

  • TresHappy

    Oh no my family will be bugging everyone pumping gas at the local 7-11!

  • Mary

    do you think the elders or the service committee would NOW allow me to give it a shot?

    Absolutely. They'll do ANYTHING to up their stats. In fact, if you did get 50 hours in without pioneering, they'd secretly love it as it would boost the congregation average and look good for them when the CO comes.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I don't see why not. The big question is, is it worth it?

  • dozy

    The key guidelines that I looked for when I was on the service committee was:

    1...Is the application "exemplary"?

    2...Have they made a realistic schedule?

    If they were a 1-4 hour publisher , I'd probably ask them to confirm point 2.

    We knocked a couple of pioneer applications back for March , so the idea that all applications are accepted to bump up the figures is the usual JWD fiction.

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