What would dear sweet Judge Rutherford be like as a poster on JWD?

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  • unclebruce

    The following is a letter from J Rutherford. Emphasis mine. Has anyone any other examples of the sweet man expressing righteous indignation?


    On Board
    March 3lst. 1938.

    My dear brother Moyle;
    Your report or the case in which the Catholic priest repeatedly declined to testify until he could first consult with his bishop, will be of interest to the people of good will, as well as to the remnant. Please write that up in the proper form and furnish it to Consolation for publication at an early issue. This may help to encourage some other priests to consult the bishop before he is put on the witness stand. You want to take occasion to rub it into these roosters as much as possible and wherever you have any intimation that a Catholic priest is back of the persecution of our people summons that priest as a witness and put him on the stand and bore into him properly.

    Furthermore concerning the Griffin case: The more I think about it the more I am inclined to think we should move against that city. While I cannot form a definite opinion until I see the opinion riled in the case in the Supreme Court, I leave it to you and if you conclude that our people that were arrested have a cause of action, file a suit in each and every one of the cases, against the city, against the city manager, the chief of police, against the city attorney, the commissioner, the mayor, and particularly the Catholic priest, and every other SOB, that incited the mob, and see if we can’t excite those roosters somewhat.

    With much love and best wishes, I remain Your brother & servant by his grace,

    J F Rutherford

  • upside/down

    I think gumby has a close likeness to the judge...disposition wise.


  • unclebruce

    Yeah u/d and bro gumby sure is one high liv'n, rum smuggl'n brain wash'n sob!

    That said, Judge Rutherford has always been my role model when posting here

  • Clam

    I note the Judge resorting to bashing a bishop.

    I think he may choose the member name Judge Dredd and certainly reply to posts like Joelbear's Which Character on Bonanza is Your Favourite Sexual Fantasy? with something like "After a couple of bottles of Canadian Rye I'd probably go for one of those lil dogies"

  • TMS

    The Judge would be a frequent and loquacious poster. He would win many admirers with his hard-hitting anti-Watchtower drivel. Over time he would be invited to serve as a Forum Assistant. In that capacity he would successfully banish a number of quick-witted potential enemies.

    His service to Simon would take on an increasingly larger role as he became more familiar with the technical aspects of running a forum. Eventually, he would seize control of the forum on an internet technicality. Many would leave the forum over this turn of events.

    Rutherford would impose his personality over the forum and change its name. All of the threads would be started by him personally with copies of these threads made available to the general public.

    All of the remaining posters would rejoice and see Jehovah's hand in all this.


  • Mary

    I don't know what kind of posts he'd do, but I'm pretty sure this would be his avatar picture:

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hi UB

    Roosters??? Who the hell calls someone a Rooster? Now if he'd said "cock head" then we'd be speaking the same language...but Rooster? (can I say that word on here?)

    I found it quite amusing.


  • gumby

    Re-incarnated he'd look a bit like this,

  • unclebruce

    You're scaring me TMS. Are you sure we're talking about the same sweet fun loving guy?

  • Leolaia

    Yeah, I got a photocopy of that letter. Swell guy, huh?

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