Anyone Dfd for seeing 'new light' before GB did?

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  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    I would be interested to know if anyone knows of someone who was Dfd for apostasy for not agreeing with the Society, only for it to be brought out as 'new light' years later...and what, if anything, they did about it..etc?

  • Chimene

    Very good question!

  • blondie

    I knew some that had "new light" before the GB but were smart enough not to tell the wrong people.

    Change in the superior authorities back to secular governments prior to 1962

    Change in the great tribulation having taken a hiatus in 1918 prior to 1970.

  • hamsterbait

    There was an old annointed (so he said) in my congo who proudly declared how he disagreed with the "Superior authorities" teaching when it came out in **whenever*** I bet he was a coward who kept his mouth shut, or he'd have been DF.

    Old JW love to say how they were right when the WBTS was saying something else.

    And who was the Brother DF because he exposed the WT use of a spiritistic device for diagnosing disease?

    INFO: one wrote the name of your problem on a sheet of paper, and even if only a period was fed into the machine it would diagnose the problem.

    When a brother objected to the spiritistic side to all this Knorr commanded his shunning.


  • juni

    Yes. I knew of a sister who did a lot of research with the org. lit. She came to believe that the pillar of light that led the Israelites in the wilderness was Jesus. Unlike Blondie's cases, she told of her founding. Was told to wait on Jehovah. She didn't and kept on researching. She was DF.

    I don't remember how much time passed, but the org. did come out w/the same info. Of course, she was still left out in the cold.

    Juni P.S This was in the ' 70s.

  • Mary

    I wasn't DF'd, but I was "spoken to" because I said the "stars falling from heaven" in Matthew was a natural phenomenon. This was about 8 years before the Holy Speeerut "revealed" it to the GB. After the "change", I asked the one elder who had reprimanded me why I knew this several years before "Christ's brothers" knew it. I said I make no claims to being guided by the HS. He had no answer.

    There was a brother in my Hall who openly said (pre-1975) he did not believe Armageddon was coming in 75. While he wasn's disfellowshipped, he was virtually shunned for his "lack of faith".

    I asked an elder once " if someone is DF'd for believing something that isn't doctrine, and the GB later on comes to the same conclusion, will that person automatically be reinstated?" The answer was No, because they "ran ahead of the Organization and didn't wait on Jehovah."

  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    Thanks for your comments...ran ahead of Jehovah! They ran ahead of their WT mediator..the FDS...They should have been elevated to the staus of anointed, because obviously God had revealed it to them..Otherwise it was a tactic of Satan..who knew the right explanation and chose to corrupt them by slyly letting them in on the secret before the GB...knowing they would be cunning.....what a load of rubbish!!

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