Do you depend on Caller ID?

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  • startingover
  • Finally-Free

    I don't use caller id. I just use my answering machine. If someone has something to say that is worth listening to they'll leave a message. Friends and family generally do. Anything else is likely telemarketing and I won't do business over the phone unless I initiate the call.


  • greendawn

    Interesting to see that caller ID and also voice can be altered it sounds like something out of the intelligence world technology, but I never had to filter calls so I never bother with caller ID.

  • lilybird

    Well, I like call ID so I can look and see who is calling. Although I know some calls are blocked and come up unknown or blocked.. In that case I just let my answering machine pick up and they can leave a message if it is something important.. They seem to be getting smarter with answering machines now though,,because the caller will start saying hello..I think to make you think it is someone you know and you will pick up the phone..

  • oldflame

    No but I do depend on the "do not call list" you can go to and register your number there and the telemarketers will no longer call you and if they do ? Then you can file a report on them and they will be fined rather steeply. I believe it is a $11,000.00 fine. Since filing my number I do not get any calls from those type of sellers anymore...

  • Cellist

    We relied on it when we were first fading. Nobody knew we had it though. We don't use it anymore.


  • lilybird

    oldflame.. thanks for the url for the donotcall registry.. I googled the registry here in Canada and just registered my phone number.. I hope it works.. They phone here at least 4 times a day...

  • G Money
    G Money

    All calls in Mexico broadcast caller ID. If I see a call with none then it is usually from the US. In the US my cell phone has it so I know who is calling. It is important at 2am so you know which booty call to take! lol

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I have caller ID because my phone number is only one digit different to one of the biggest taxi firms in town

    If the callers number is withheld, unavailable or 'international' my caller display indicates this so I don't answer these either.

    We also have Telephone Preference Service where you can get your phone number barred from call centre lists/computers.

  • sandy

    When I first stopped going to the KH I totally depended on it. A few of the elders called me at least once a week for about 6 months. I am proud to say I never, not once, returned their calls. LOl

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