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  • Gill

    Bethany had 40 transfusions, against her will, and still died.

    Can someone explain how refusing blood, caused her death, please?

  • insearchoftruth

    Best of luck Mr. Hughes,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the information that shall be uncovered in this proceedings will make the wtbts have to change their stance on thier insane view of a proven medical process. My wife is an inactive jw and I can sense that the one area where she becomes the most uneasy with their doctrine is with blood, but she still would not accept a transfusion.

    Keep the good fight Mr Hughes.


  • jgnat

    Gill, it was all in the timing.

    1. Bethany is diagnosed with a life-threatening leukemia.
    2. Blood transfusions are administered, Bethany is content with passive resistance, but mother is not. Drama ensues.
    3. Government steps in, takes over custody of Bethany.
    4. Dad re-reads blood verses to Bethany to build their faith, has an epiphany and changes his stance on blood.
    5. Dad is cut-off from the family.
    6. Blood transfusions continue.
    7. A year or two later? Bethany's condition takes a turn for the worse. She is now terminal.
    8. The doctors are now convinced Bethany understands the gravity of her illness. Her status changes to "mature minor".
    9. Government steps out of the custody agreement and allows Bethany to make her own choice.
    10. Bethany is spirited away to an unknown location, and dad is not told where.
    11. Bethany no longer has blood transfusions and is administered a completely useless course of treatment.
    12. She declines rapidly.
    13. Hours before her death, dad is finally notified of her location and rushes to her bedside. He can't make it in time and Lawrence Hughes is inconsolable.
  • jgnat

    One wonders, if blood not been an issue at the BEGINNING of her treatment, if the doctors might have been able to follow a more aggressive treatment plan to save her life. The delays may have killed her, and severe aenemia at her end certainly did.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    thanks for giving those who might not know a little perspective on the Real Life story.
    Each point also has a WT dimension that contains a whole sub-culture hidden away from those who dare not get too close.


  • Check_Your_Premises


    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your efforts are fruitful, and help protect others from a similar fate. I pray that you take some comfort from them as well.


  • Gill

    jgnat - Thank you for the explanation. I understand now.

    Lawrence Hughes - I am so sorry for your loss. I can now begin to understand how you feel and the kind of influences you poor daughter may have been under to make the decision that she did. I hope all goes well in your law suit and you are able to save and educate more people about the destructive WTBTS blood policy.

  • alamb

    For Bethany

  • LDH
    Though Hughes cannot proceed with his claim against the Watch Tower Society, he can move head with a suit against two lawyers, Shane Heath Brady and David Miles Gnam, who acted for both Bethany and her mother, Arliss, when they fought the transfusions in court and also represent the society. Both lawyers are Jehovah's Witnesses.


    You are a true hero. You are Bethany's hero too, she just didn't know it. Loving daddies always want to protect their children. A big hug for you. ((((((((((LH))))))))

  • moshe

    The Society never admitted any bloodguilt from their change in organ transplants 25 years ago. I realized they were responsible for the death of many Witnesses who refused say, a kidney transplant before the ban was lifted. A CO told me to drop the issue, the WT is not responsible for personal decisons. The WT never once said ,"oops, we're sorry". They will use these lawsuits as a way of worming out of this mess- and dropping their official ban on blood transfussions, while never admitting that their doctrines were wrong all along. Anything to avoid admission of guilt and a stampede of angry JW's to their lawyers.

    I can see it now ,


    WT 10-1-06

    " To avoid personal hardship on individual Jehovah's Witnesses from lawsuits by non- Jehovah's Witness family members over blood transfusions for minors, we are no longer issuing "no Blood " cards or taking any official stance on the issue of blood transfusions."

    in Christian Love,

    the GB "




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