plasma exchange in my grandson

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  • starfirern`

    to liberal elder: my 10yr grandson has Guillan-Barre' syndrome and is in ICU on a ventilator and the doctors want to do a plasma exhange on him to help the disease to be treated and for him to get well. it is similar to dialysis and would not require a transfusion. it is the only way to treat this horrible disease and make him well(hopefully) and to lessen any possible long term effects as this is his 3rd bout in 7 yrs.

    thank you for your reply


  • hawkaw

    I snaped an Email to over this.

  • Brigid

    I'm sorry to hear about your son. As a mother, my heart goes out to you. Please do whatever it takes to help your son. Listen to the doctors, not manmade rules, please. Do it for your son.


  • Scully

    I don't know if Liberal Elder (aka LeeElder) reads here very often anymore - he hasn't posted in a long time.

    Try contacting him through the AJWRB Yahoo! Group: if you don't hear from him soon. You'll probably need a YahooID to use the site.

    Alternatively, you can check and use the contact information on that site.

    I hope you hear back from him soon.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    I am sorry to hear of your grandson's condition. Please be assured of my best wishes. I am not clear about what you are asking. You are welcome to email me: [email protected]

    Best regards,


  • LDH


    I am so sorry your family is going through this. Please do whatever it takes to keep him. You won't win any medals for sacrificing him to the Tower Gods.

  • crazyblondeb


    I'm so sorry to here about your son. I've been a nurse for many years. PLEASE do whatever the docs want to do. I know you realize how serious this is. Actually--life or death, in a very short time. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business, but this is a subject I'm passionate about. I've had the blessing to be able to intervene twice, when the elders were trying to but in and trying to play the guilty card.

    If th elders or any JW's are giving you a hard time, go to the charge nurse and/or the social worker. Explain to them what is going on, or even let them know what might occur. Nurse's can best help if they know what's coming. This is a time when your focus needs to be on your child. Not on worrying about stupid things. I've helped a hospital get guardianship two different times on toddlers that the elders were trying to meddle with. I even had them thrown out of the hospital. The nurses don't mind "kicking out the trash!

    Let me know if I can be of help. You all will be in my prayers.


  • mjarka911

    Welcome to the board! Please help your grandson with the best advice of the doctors you trust. You will never be able to make this decision again. Any loving god values human life, especially a child!

  • starfirern`

    dear shelly: thank you for your concern and thoughtful answer, i too am an RN and have worked in the ER and ICU for many years and

    this is very hard for me since his mother is so indoctrinated into this way of thinking, his condition has gotten worse and we have been told that he will not survive this last bout of childhood guillan-barre. i think that if she hadnt waited so long there might have been a chance at survival but not now. we cant even afford to go to oregon where he is at right now($136 for round trip bus ticket) i told his grandfather to remember him like he was when he last saw him. i am not a jehovah's witness and if this is what it costs then i dont want anything to do with this so-called "religon" i have gotten into some really big blowouts over treatment of JW's in the ER/ICU when they needed a transfusion/dialysis to stay alive and when they wont then it is a terrible waste of a human life.

    sincerely rennie(starfirern56)

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