I thought a Newfound Zeal was happening here......then

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I realized it is the end of the month. Each day as I was passing by the KH this week I was noticing that there was an ever larger group for service - first on Saturday, then on Sunday a huge number of cars [for this hall], then today a sizable group too.

    Then it hit me - time to get the field service time pad out and get set to report.

    By Tomorrow the zeal should be back to normal again. Gezz -was I like this?


  • Nina

    Prolly the week of the Circuit Overseer's visit. Starts on Tuesday, ends on Sunday, includes inviting all and sundry to the Special Talk he'll be giving Sunday at the Hall.

    It's also a short month for those who are auxilliary pioneering.


  • kristyann

    I was really surprised because this one KH in my area always had tons of cars parked outside it and I was like "Whoa, these people are enthusiastic, to say the least." Then I found out that the office building next door pays them to let its customers park in the KIngdom Hall parking lot because their parking lot is too small.

  • upside/down
    Gezz -was I like this?

    I ask myself that daily...

    What a marooone...


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