I swam with Judah Benjamin Schroeder

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  • joelbear

    i went to the beach once with a friend of mine and Judah Ben Schroeder.

    i was not attracted to him sexually.

    i was not attracted to my friend sexually.

    the water was warm

    my friend's mother was there but is dead now

    he married an English girl

    i did not

    i never saw Judah Ben again after that day.

    the end.

  • kid-A

    the water was warm

    I just got a call from Judah Ben. He said you peed in the water.....


    Is he still at Bethel, anyone know? He was there when I was there but I had heard he left.

  • sir82

    Didn't he marry the daughter of the guy who runs "Circuit Leasing"? Or am I confusing my facts again?

  • slugga

    Who's Judah Ben Schroeder ?

  • joelbear

    i didn't keep in touch with him. its just kinda weird, him being about the same age as me. when i was about 6 i was shown his picture by an annointed couple in our congregation who bragged about how smart he was and he could speak 7 languages and quote the whole bible etc. etc. and then we just kind of chance met on that day going to the beach. i'm sure that must have been through the McCumbers who were the JW biggies on the westside of Jax. The Belloits being the biggies on the east side.

    gee our paths diverged in the wood somewhere.


    I think he did marry the circuit leasing dudes daughter. I had also heard he was going to law school???

    Judah-Ben is the son of GB member Albert Shroeder.

  • james_woods

    Judah Ben was of course the only begotten son of the magnificent Albert Schroeder who was my primary instructor at KM school in early 1970 in Pittsburg, PA. He was a fine example of special privilege for the higher ups - barely any Bethel people were even allowed to marry back then, let alone have a kid. His dad brought him in before the class at breakfast and introduced him. He was made to quote some whole page or two from the Watchtower and some verses from the Bible to prove how smart he was. He was maybe about 10 at the time.

    His dad was the same GB member Schroeder who once said (as another has posted here before) that 1975 did not quite happen because JHVH and Satan had a great conflict in heaven over the issue. Guess they fought each other to a standoff. This was also the same guy who commented on the importance of "LAW" in the Society teachings...not good enough to just study the bible, you also gotta have society LAW.

    I am surprised that Judah Ben has not already succeeded his old man on the GB. But, then - maybe he got fed up over the la-la and left.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Judah-Ben is the son of GB member Albert Shroeder.

    Heir-apparent to the throne, apparently? Wonder if he got the annointing needed to pull that off? ALbert is no spring chicken so he might be old enough to do it - Bethel needs a new 'oracle' since 1992. If he is full enough of Bullshit that is!


  • Seeker4

    Yeah, Judah Ben married the car-leasing guy's daughter. Had friends who went to the wedding. The reception was held on a rented yacht that circled Manhattan. Seems the wedding cost a fortune (daddy is VERY rich, owns several car dealerships in the Mid-West).
    The event caused not a little controversy at Bethel, due to the pretentiousness, which upset some.
    On the other hand, I understand that Judah Ben was one of those removed from the Society's PR department when the SilentLambs controversy hit. He was replaced by JR Brown, who was considerably more hard-nosed and a real company man, willing to lie to protect the WTS.


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