Printing Rebel's stuff, help?

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  • carla

    Ok, am I just challenged or what? I want to print some of Rebel's activism pages but cannot get them to work out! I've spent too much time already and looking for someone to 'give me the answer'. (See what living with a jw does to you? intellectual laziness)

    Anyway, for one of the 4 page brochure's to be printed on one page, I would like it to be, pg4 then pg1 on one side, the other side should have pg 2 & pg3 so when folded it all goes together properly.

    must be challenged or something,


  • IP_SEC

    After glancing at it, it looks like the document is set up right.

    Your printer needs to be able and set up to duplex to print on both sides. Otherwise you have to manually duplex by checking the manual duplex box before sending the job to the printer.

  • rebel8

    Sorry you are having trouble! I will put some instructions up on the site. It is set up in a Word template for a foldable brochure, and it is correct...pgs 1 and 4 should come out first followed by pgs 2 and 3. This whole thing does challenge my spatial relationships skills a bit though, I scratch my head a lot, lol.

    1. I've found the easiest way to do it is to put only 1 piece of paper in your printer and press print. It will print pgs 1 and 4 and then beep to tell you it's out of paper.
    2. Take notice of which end of the paper has the top of the page.
    3. Turn the paper over and put it back in your printer, being sure to put it in so the top of your new page will print on the same end of the paper as your first page.
    4. Continue printing.

    So how many have you placed so far? Once you get to 20 we will call you the JWD Pioneer. lol

  • carla

    Hi Rebel,

    I know I sound like such a lamo! I will try what you said. How many have I placed? you mean all together including Silentlambs stuff? I'm up to fivehundredtwentyfive now!!! (mailboxes and bathrooms, misc shopping, etc. mostly mailboxes) That's why I need some of your stuff! Something new.

    thanks for the suggestions.

  • rebel8

    You're welcome. Wow, 525! That makes you at least a Special Pioneer! I mailed out AJWRB's physician brochures to surgeons and anesthesiologists today, made sure I mailed them to docs that practice at all the local hospitals so they can spread the word.

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