Why did the W.T. change their song book in the 80's?

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  • joelbear

    they changed it in the 60s too. i remember the old green song book, was there one before that?

  • Finally-Free

    I still have one of the pink songbooks at home. I'll have a look and see what they're hiding.


  • blondie


    1879, Songs of the Bride: jv 240; w86 10/15 23

    1890, Poems and Hymns of (Millennial) Dawn: jv 240

    1896, Hymns of the Morning (Zion’s Glad Songs of the Morning) (issued as w1896 2/1): w97 2/1 26; jv 240; w86 10/15 23

    1900, Zion’s Glad Songs for All Christian Gatherings: jv 240

    1906, Hymns of Millennial Dawn (Hymns of the Millennial Dawn—With Music) (copyright 1905): jv 240; w87 12/1 26

    1909, Hymns of the Millennial Dawn (pocket, without music):

    1926, Kingdom Hymns (Kingdom Hymns—With Music) (for children) (copyright 1925): jv 240

    1928, Song Book (Songs of Praise to Jehovah): jv 241; w87 12/1 26

    Song Book (Songs of Praise to Jehovah) (pocket, without music):

    1944, Kingdom Service Song Book: w97 2/1 26-7; jv 241; w87 12/1 26

    1950, Songs to Jehovah’s Praise: jv 241

    1966, "Singing and Accompanying Yourselves With Music in Your Hearts": w00 9/1 30; jv 241; w87 12/1 26

    1984, Sing Praises to Jehovah: jv 241; w87 12/1 26-7; w86 10/15 23-4

    1992, Sing Praises to Jehovah—Large Print (lyrics only) (copyright 1991): km 6/92 3

  • hamsterbait

    "God's own book a Treasure" got a new tune but kept the old words.


  • GentlyFeral

    To the best of my recollection – I haven't looked at a songbook in over 11 years – none of the old songs were deleted, although there were some alterations. The rationale given in the release talk was that there was a demand for new Kingdom songs. The songs were approximately doubled in number.

    Wish they could have deleted "From House to House," though


  • NeonMadman

    IIRC, virtually all of the songs from the pink book (which only had 119 songs in it) were included in the new songbook, along with over 100 "new songs" (some of which had actually been revived or revised from still earlier WT songbooks). A very few had new melodies; several had revised lyrics to reflect "new light."

    Interestingly, some of the same arguments for needing a new songbook in 1984 (e.g., some of the tunes were found to be similar to hymns of Babylon the Great) were also used to justify the release of the 1966 songbook.

    I don't think there was really anything sinister going on with regard to the 1984 songbook. They wanted a bigger selection, and some JWs had written new songs that they wanted to include. and the old book was nearly 20 years old, anyway, meaning that there were some lyric revisions needed. No great conspiracy. And now, 22 years down the line for the brown songbook, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see an even newer version in the next few years. I'm sure JWs haven't stopped writing new "songs of praise to Jehovah."

  • unique1
    and the old book was nearly 20 years old, anyway, meaning that there were some lyric revisions needed.

    I don't think anyone thought it was a great conspiracy, but even your above statement is proof that they do change their beliefs often enough to need to revise songs.

  • LDH
    We thank God for the musical and poetic talents granted to some of his saints." After a hundred years of publishing songbooks, the one revealing the greatest musical and poetic talent was published in 1984. It is entitled Sing Praises to Jehovah.

    Whichever saints got these gifts apparently didn't become JWs LOL.

    Also they alluded to it in the article. Melodies were stolen. Knowingly. Does anyone have a sample of "Waltzing Matilda?" It was thinly disguised as a JW melody.

    They were protecting themselves from being sued over using melodies that were never theirs.


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