Great prophecy about false prophets, lets hope it come true soon

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  • jwfacts

    Miller used the idea that the 7 times of Daniel 4 was a prophecy and made it fit to end in 1843, and then 1844.

    In 1840 John Dowling predicted that Miller’s prophecy would not come true in "An Exposition of the Prophecies, Supposed by William Miller to Predict the Second Coming of Christ, in 1843". What he wrote is insightful and equally applicable to the Watchtower Society.

    “Mr. Miller is not the first expounder of prophecy that has attempted dogmatically to decide upon the very year of the coming of Christ. I will not occupy these pages by relating the individual histories of the wise and positive interpreters of prophetic times, who have preceded Mr. Miller in fixing the year of the Judgment. Their histories were all alike. They succeeded as Mr. M. has, in awakening a degree of alarm in the bosoms of some simple people, who forgot that Christ has said "of that day and hour knoweth no man" -- the time drew on -- the year passed by, and the prophet and his doctrine were forgotten. …”

    The reader but partially acquainted with the history of the world, and not aware of the manner in which Mr. M. continues to make his calculations all meet in the year 1843, thinks upon perusing the book that there are, to say the least, some very striking coincidences, and feels considerably staggered, if not convinced. …"

    Russell was just a copycat prophet, as was Rutherford and then Franz. Lets hope these prophets and their doctrine are soon forgotten.

  • greendawn

    The crucial point in that critique is that the second coming of the Christ will simply be unpredictable and even he himself did not know when it would be.

    In Matthew 24 there were two strands one was about the fall of the Jewish polity that was to be easily predictable with numerous signs precceding its coming (to ensure that the Jewish Christians would escape) and then there was the end of the gentile polity that would be the exact opposite ie totally unpredictable.

  • unclebruce

    g'day jwfacts,

    Is it true that when 1844 came and Christ didn't Miller salvaged some dignity by openly admitting he was wrong and opting out of the prophesy business? It's interesting that there were those who declared that Jesus had returned in 1844 but .. wait for it......invisibly.


  • barry

    Gday JW facts,

    Actually william Miller Applied Danial 8-14 'unto two thousand three hundred days then shall the santuary be cleansed' to end in 1843-4. Miller also applied other scriptures to end in 1843-4. Miller beleived many weak arguements would result in one strong position.

    The start date for this prophecy is the same start date found in daniel chapter nine. The seventy weeks of years

    Of course in Daniel 8 days are not mentioned in the original which should disqualify this text from the day year principle also the day year principle is not a biblical datum.

    I should know these things as I am an SDA Barry

  • jwfacts

    Hi UncleBruce,
    Nice outfit, very 1800's.
    I have read that Miller gave up on time prophecies after that. It is a shame his followers had to keep twisting them to fit current application.
    I am not sure if Miller believed it happened invisibly, but certainly Barbour predicted Christs coming in 1874, and when it didn't happen came up with the idea that it was invisible - very handy. An equally handy excuse is now used for 1914.

  • hijack

    1914 is the famous date that the WTS base everything on. The entire foundation of the WTS sits there.

    The generation of 1914 will not pass away according to the WTS but will see either one of two things at armaggedon or shortly after

    1. If you are a remnant (this includes the GB) then you will be raised in the twinkling of an eye to heavenly life without suffering death (how convenient for the GB). There is only room for 144,000 as heaven is a bit cramped.

    2. If you are of the great crowd (you must be a jdub to be in the great crowd) then at armaggedon you will be saved from destruction but your worldly neighbours will melt into a puddle of biological refuse.

    The WTS offer no 3rd condition

    That is why they knock at your door because they sincerely believe you (the worldlings)will be destroyed at armaggedon. If you are a good person and help others out and live by the golden rule but are not a jdub then you will still die at armaggedon.

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