siamese twins

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  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    the learning channel has a show on right now
    about a 2 headed girl .

    siamese twin are considered how by the wtbs?
    They share the same blood.
    Does the wtbs consider them evil?

  • rebel8

    lol. You should call them and ask. And tape your conversation and put it up on the internet for us.

  • Jourles

    Well if they obviously share the same circulatory system(blood), they MUST be an abomination to Jehover. If that is the case, they should be stoned to death. No need to call the service desk on this one. This one's on me.

  • hawkaw

    I wrote this piece some years ago and even Kerry was kind enough to reference it.

    Enjoy the pictures.


  • MinisterAmos

    I already asked about S.Twins and twins, triplets, etc. en vitro. Both scenarios involve the direct sharing of blood components. It was not until fairly recently that science proved that multiple pregnancies share circulating blood. The WT chooses not to notice this in their review of the blood issue.

    The answer I got took three weeks to get and supposedly went all the way up the line. It came back as "Jehovah works miracles." I was less than impressed but everyone else is very satisfied. Really the question raises doubts about the Bible in my mind because as we know, "God never makes mistakes" and you can't force abstention upon a soul who is unable to accept or deny the concept which would pretty much describe the conditions unborn babies operate under.

    It would be great if all of you would ask WT to ask why not all of God's creations have to abide by the blood ban.

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