What is most important ? to approach a JW with? Any current changes in WT?

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  • whyizit

    I have recently been having a dialogue with my JW friend on the "blood" doctrine. I've heard about others who have used the WT involvement with the UN (which I am not very familiar with). Others say to use the failed prophecies. I just wondered, as former JWs, what you think would be the best subjects and how to bring them up? What made you start to think that this wasn't the truth after all? And do you think that the majority of JWs would really like to get out from under the legalism?

    My friend has been studying for 9 yrs., and is not baptised. Yet. Is it typical to study that long and still not be baptised? She definitely doesn't know much about the past of the WTS. She said that one of her study ladies has been in for 30 years and said there haven't been any changes that she knows of since she has been "in the truth". (This came about when I brought up that they used to not allow organ transplants, but that changed. So, what if they change the blood doctrine, a month after her son dies from the need of a blood transfusion? Is that going to be okay? Why did they change their stance on organs? Didn't they research the Bible thoroughly the first time? Did the Bible change? How did this happen?)

    Do you know of any substancial documented changes that I can point to that have happened in the last 20 years or so? Maybe that would jog this lady's memory a bit!

  • DannyBloem

    This is a hard question.

    There aren't too many resent changes, some in doctrine (like the generation thing), but that would not make much difefrence to the study I guess.
    JW's are only proud of changes, and see this as something that proves it is the true religion.

    the time for a study is very long. before we were advised to stop if the sudy had not had very much progress after a year or so. With so few studies now, maybe people do not want to give up, and a study is easier hours then walking in the rain selling the magasines.

    try to find out that what attracs her to the JW's. Show here that many cults/religions have that.

    For me, the scientific evidence for evolution did it, but I guess lots of people like to ignore it (JW's and non JW's) so that is kind of hard way for her to get out I guess, but you could try....


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    It is highly unusual to study that long and not be baptized ! The general rule is study through one book which takes 6 months to one year , and then the householder should be conforming to JW ways if not then study is suppose to be dropped. The older witness lady could be unaware of changes , so many are unless they are on top of things. Selective memory happens alot too. She at least should be aware of the new light about the generation of 1914. I think your line of reasoning is good. You might have her consider the belief on disfellowshipping, and if she really understands the impact of that belief especially if she has children.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    The latest change...is in the Keep on the Watch Brochere..it has a chapter called, "the hour of judment has arrived". It goes on to explain that it's a period that occurs at the end of last days...... Although in their recent Wt on the subject they tiptoed around the idea of it being a new period...we have just entered into. So they don't know what they are saying anymore..they are Lost.

  • unique1

    Up until about 10-12 years ago they believed the generation referred to in "the generation that sees these things will not pass away" was those who were old enough to remember 1914 arriving. When most of the people that were born in 1910 and before started dying and it was apparent their belief on this was wrong, they changed their belief on that generation. Now it is believed it is anyone that sees the bad things occuring on the earth since 1914. This way the Generation will never die off. If you want, you can look on the Watchtower CD for the word Parousia. The WT study articles that it finds will be the ones that show the NEW LIGHT.

    Also, she may want to ask her study ladies why they had to change to the new song book about 20 years ago? The old pink one had too many old WT beliefs in it. That is why only about 10 songs from that book made it into the new tan song book.

  • still angry
    still angry

    unique1 - Gasp! I always wondered what the deal was with the song book change. I mean, I was pretty young at the time, but even I was like, huh? Hah, all the things that happened that I hadn't even realized...

  • greendawn

    A major thing that got me doubting is the ridiculous idea that most JWs can not be part of the New Covenent, a very strange concept because if you are not part of it then what are you? You are a branch that got removed from the vine tree and will inevitably wither. You have no one to reconcile you to God and represent you before his throne.

    But there is only one name and one saviour for all.

  • jwfacts

    The biggest change was the 'generation' teaching in 1995. There have been ongoing changes in a number of other areas during the last 30 years:
    oral sex
    Organ transplants
    the reasoning on what part of the temple the Great Crowd is in
    re tightening the strict standard of disfellowshipping
    some non neutral service and political involvement becoming a conscience matter
    Never ending changes to what Rev means
    Who is the King of the North?
    The structure of the Governing Body and president
    How elders are organised, elected and rotated

    There are a number of these listed in detail at http://jwfacts.com/

  • jwfacts

    What is important to bring up with this particular lady? That depends on what is important to her, as different things move different people. Ask her what convinces her it is the only truth.

    Another change, how to deal with peodophiles and the 2 witness rule. This was something bought about by ongoing legal and media pressure and not any concern by the WTS for children.

  • lynnmelo

    I studied for two years straight (after studying for a year several years ago), and the one thing that started me on the road to reality was when I saw the Dateline video about child molestation cases. Even if someone doesn't believe the whole story, certain facts were indisputable: 1) an elder from the congregation admitted to molesting a child; 2) he spent some time in jail but then got out on a technicality; 3) he was back on the streets witnessing in a matter of months with the Watchtower's blessing (the Dateline cameras filmed him witnessing). There's absolutely no scripture any Witness could show me to prove that that makes any sense or is right in any way. Seeing that video led me to doubt that the Witnesses are the "one true religion." This led me to further research, which revealed the failed prophecies, changed doctrines, etc. Anyone can view the video on the SILENTLAMBS web site, so maybe you should let your friend see it.

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