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    Yes its a pretty big "matzo ball" hanging out there but I am wondering if this particular DO felt the need to mention it. What I mean is that perhaps that last talk they always give to sumarize is an outline and not a manuscript. It didnt sound like a manuscript because a lot of the talk was experiences, examples, and comments such as I said about the youth leaving. So others may not necessarily hear this same comment at other Circuit assemblies. He was very specific about it too, "bleeding", "hemorraging" and he was pleading with young ones to stay and kept saying there is nothing in the world so why even look as if you were missing something.

  • hartstrings

    See this exactly what my JW husband fails to see. It was like the dark ages when very few people were able to read and even if they were, it was forbidden to read the Bible or other materials. They, of course, would do what they were told. They didn't know how to use their brains and even if they did, there was nothing they could fill it with. Today, we have the internet and JWs can no longer hide the truth about how they run things. Young people are also going to college for the first time (via the early 90's a-ok) so they are learning how to THINK. What else would the borg expect?? "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  • benext

    My former circuit dissolved 3 congregations in the last 5 years and went from what used to be a three part circuit many years ago to just one. This year the district assembly will be held at the local assembly hall. The generation of 1975 is getting very old and without the ability to make anymore "predictions" on the date of the end the WTS has no marketability. Lies+lies=mass exodus.

  • delilah

    There was some strong counsel against the "immoderate" use of alcohol, that was on the local circuit needs so may not be on every CA though.

    Aha!!!! Maybe this is why my parents didn't bother to go to their assembly.....

  • aiella

    the old "religion is a snare and a racket"is coming home to roost. Thankfully more and more are seeing the WT for what it is...Whitewashed on the outside and decorated with pictures of hapy fruit pickers in paradise, yet on the inside decacay and rotteness.

  • AnnOMaly
    There was some strong counsel against the "immoderate" use of alcohol, that was on the local circuit needs so may not be on every CA though.

    Same as ours (no I wasn't at the same one as you, XBEHERE). Excessive alcohol, porn, apostates (it was in the WT lesson) and education they were counselling about.

    Curious thing. The DO often used a new triadic phrase: "the faithful slave, the Governing Body and the Teaching Committee." Anybody else heard this?

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum Aiella. This is more proof that the WTS is in serious decline but the brainless idiots can't see that it was their policies that caused it, their oppressive totalitarian attitude the lack of love among the R&F but above all from the Org to the R&F, and their rotten outdated dogmatic structure. The young lost respect for the FDS and will no longer accept them to rule their lives.

  • Virgochik

    Welocme, Aiella! Please tell us your story when you are ready.

  • Dune

    Thats funny @ XB.

    I had the CA last weekend too (it didnt snow :-() and during the circuit needs portions, they spoke about alcohol.too. Perhaps its a national problem.

  • serendipity

    HI aiella, welcome to the forum!

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