New Watchtower LOL

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  • Chimene
  • funkyderek

    Interestingly, this tarot card (The Tower) appears in several Watchtower publications, as part of illustrations of forbidden occult practices. I don't know if there's any particular reason for picking this card, but it seems a strange choice.

  • Clam

    Actually this is quite an appropriate card for the Watchtower. I started to add my own comments in red but then gave up. It speaks for itself.

    Divinatory meaningUpright - Disruption. Conflict (with society and family members) Change. Sudden violent loss (of compassion and reason) Overthrow of an existing way of life. Major changes. Disruption of well worn routines. Ruin and disturbance. Dramatic upheaval. change of residence or job sometimes both at once (window cleaning/pioneering?) Widespread repercussions of actions (harvesting others into the cult due to field service)

    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Negativity. Restriction of desires and imprisonment.Drastic change that may rob the individual of freedom of expression. Sometimes bankruptcy and imprisonment. more usually imprisonment within a set of circumstances which cannot currently be altered. Sudden changes out of one's control.

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