HELP Please!!!

by RichieRich 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • whyizit

    People actually believed that you could change from being black, to white?!!! They really bought this?!!!! ( I guess Michael Jackson probably isn't helping matters any............)

  • hubert


    I don't want this to get lost.


  • stillAwitness

    The one VM44 is the one that is widely used. ("Blacks and the Watchtower")

    Represent for us "colored folks" Richie my man! Cause I'm Rick James!

  • Dune

    I feel bad, i Rode some mormons last year about how blacks will supposedly go to a lower ring of heaven. At least i ahve something to say the next time somone tells me the society was free from it.

  • hubert
    The one VM44 is the one that is widely used. ("Blacks and the Watchtower")

    Stilla, What's this?

    I don't know what this means. Could you explain it more for me?



  • Frog

    Naturally any of us here are disturbed to read the sorts of grotesque racially discriminative comments uttered by the early WT writers. It reflects pure ignorance of course, but was of course a direct reflection of comments uttered by accademics and people the world over at the time. Putting aside the fact that these comments came from the org, does it ever make you wonder though that if so many could get it so wrong and screwed up back not that long ago, then for those of us who feel we're modern and enlightened in our thinking now, whether in 50years from now we'll look back on ourselves as having been just as ignorant and passive in our thinking and actions (perhaps in other areas) as those of former generations were? frog x

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