Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-26-06 WT Study (Oppose Devil)

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  • Severus

    Regarding my question above, the WT answers:


    w92 9/15 p. 12 Jehovah Forgives in a Large Way ***

    Even if a judicial committee disfellowships an unrepentant sinner, he has not necessarily committed the unforgivable sin. To be forgiven and reinstated, however, he must humbly obey God’s laws, produce fruits befitting repentance, and apply to the elders for reinstatement. After a fornicator was disfellowshipped from the congregation in ancient Corinth, Paul wrote: "This rebuke given by the majority is sufficient for such a man, so that, on the contrary now, you should kindly forgive and comfort him, that somehow such a man may not be swallowed up by his being overly sad. Therefore I exhort you to confirm your love for him."—2 Corinthians 2:6-8; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13.

  • BluesBrother

    Not as specific in personal application as last weeks study , but this one raise a few questions to a mind not blinkered anymore.

    "Oppose the devil and he will flee from you" , ok we see the devil as an active opposer, like in "The Passion of the Christ" .. We pray to Jehovah and we do all the right things - does that stop the devil ? No , he still tempts us . Opposers might try and kill us , are we protected ? No.. If we succumb to this temptation that God permits, can we blame God for not strengthening us as he promised to do? No.. If we sin and get d/fd and die while in that state, can we expect a resurrection? No.. So what is the power of Gods protection?? I really don't know .. The Watchtower and the Bible say that we each carry our own load of responsibility...

    Ps I wonder what they had in mind in p18 "Satan uses various crafty means in his efforts to disrupt our unity, corrupt our teachings......."Are they saying that the flip flops on doctrine are satanic attempts to change "the pure waters of the truth"??

  • atypical

    Oh my god Blondie, I think the Devil is letting me read this apostate website. He must be allowing me to do so because I am evil. If I sleep too late tomorrow to hear my wife leave for the meeting, it must be the Devil and not the Grey Goose!! Of course, that baby starving in an alley is only attributing to Jehovah's sovereignty! It all makes sense now.

  • blindersoff
    14 If the Corinthians refused to forgive and reinstate that man, the Devil would overreach them in another way. If the repentant man became "swallowed up by his being overly sad" and gave up entirely, especially would the elders bear some responsibility

    I was ready to scream at the WT study today. This point was completly passed over as a couple of elders directed everyone's mind to apply this forgiveness AFTER the person is reinstated.


  • serendipity

    Hi blindersoff,

    We had a couple comments on that paragraph too. The sisters commenting had to make a point of saying that IF a person is repentent and the elders feel he is repentent, he should be allowed back in. They spent more time commenting on people proving their repentence than pointing out the need for mercy. The WT conductor, to his credit did say the elders had a responsibility to be merciful, to avoid being ensnared by Satan.

  • blindersoff

    Hey Dip,

    The WT conductor, to his credit did say the elders had a responsibility to be merciful, to avoid being ensnared by Satan.

    Good for him. The elders here got off the hook.


  • heathen

    wow a little late on this but here goes ..........................

    *** w04 5/15 p. 29 Questions From Readers ***
    If we are God's servants with an earthly hope, we have not been anointed with holy spirit. Nevertheless, we can have just as much of God's spirit as those with the heavenly hope.

    Just what the hell is that supposed to mean ? I thought anointed meant to receive holy spirit .

    Also that crap about God not letting true worship be efaced off the earth , are we now to assume that the adventists were the truth since that's where russell came from? They say stuff like that and then say they are the only ones that obeyed the call to get out of babylon .

    As far as I'm concerned the final test for those of the 144k holy remnant is to face a martyred death .

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