Hello board.

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  • Super_Becka

    Hey MrBee, welcome to the board!! This place is full of great people with all different kinds of backgrounds (me, I'm a non-JW dating an inactive JW) who are all here to listen and share our stories and help each other out.

    Stick around, you'll fit in just fine!! Glad to have you along!!

    -Becka :)

  • Super_Becka

    Oops, double post. -Becka :)

  • slugga

    Hello Mr Bee from one black sheep to another !

    WTF what are you doing with my face pic as your avatar?!?


  • MrBee

    Thank you all for the welcome. Well I have many stories to share and a lot of time to share them. It really is a shame I find that an organisation which I think have good at heart, continues to live by pre-historic guidlines. You would think that they would be becoming more tollerant especially when you consider the fact that it is an ageing religion, and i dont see kids rushing out to "recruit". I had to laugh as someone stated their partner had "joined up", this sounds so looming. I can see the posters plastered across walls now...."Uncle Jehovah Wants You!", with a big pointed hand.

    And sorry Matt, but thats modern technology for you, oh the joy of camera phones....bet you never even saw me snap you?

  • serendipity

    Hi MrBee,

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your daughter! Children are such a blessing!

    I had an illegitimate child while a JW, and was told that I could be excited, but not proud. I, of course, bragged on her at every opportunity. Still do.

  • Brigid

    Hey Mr. Bee! Welcome, pull up to the fire and share. Congratulations on fatherhood!


  • stillajwexelder

    hello welcome to the board

  • ferret

    Welcome MrBee. I am ex JW and current black sheep and have been for 25 years.


  • delilah

    Welcome Mrbee.....congrats on the birth of your baby girl....you tell the JW relatives they can shove the word "illegitimate" ....I hate that word.....there would be no babies born if they had no father!!!!! There is no such thing, in my mind, as an illegitimate child.....dirty rotten stuck-up snobby people.....

    Ahem, forgive my ranting....welcome, and I do hope you post often.

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, MrBee.


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