Have you had DNA ancestor analysis done?

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  • moshe

    I have been thinking about joining the National Geograghic Genographic DNA project. https://www3.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/index.html

    They send you a sample kit for about $100 and then check your DNA to see where you ancestors migrated from. I have always wanted to know from what hunter-gather tribal area my ancestors came from. I have English (Warters), Scotch Burnett), Northern Irish (Wilson) and German (Green) ancestry that I can trace back to around 1800. I believe there is a company called Oxford in England that can even do a DNA test to see if you are related to the 5000 yr old mummy, Iceman, that was found in the Alps about 15 years ago. Three people in the USA have already shown paternity links to his family. Has anyone else thought about this? I could be related to someone from this DB, already. I wonder who?

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  • Brigid

    My father's participating in this. I'm anxious to see what he finds. It's supposed to link us all back to the same ancestor, no?


  • damselfly

    This is so cool! If I had the money I would do it but alas! I am a starving student.


  • undercover
    It's supposed to link us all back to the same ancestor, no?

    Who would that be? Noah?

    If you can tell what your ancestry is by DNA, is it possible that the different races are actually different breeds of humans? We tend to think of humans as one specie but is it possible that we are different, yet very similar species, closely related and evolved at similar rates but still with traits from our ancestral breed?

  • rebel8

    Even National Geographic's slanted creationist show, "Scientific Adam", doesn't claim that all of us came from the same man (or from the same woman). They also claim "Scientific Eve" did not live during "Scientific Adam's" lifetime.

  • moshe

    I guess my idea to do this is not unusual after all. Now ,I just need to find some valuable junk to sell on Ebay to come up with some free money.

  • anewme

    Fascinating Moshe! I'd like to do it too!

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