yo elders, is there a statue of limitations on "sins"?

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  • ?me?

    i know we have heard about it as regards an elder who has "sinned" and keeps it quiet, he does not have to step down. but when it comes to the lowly rank and file, what would you do, or "have " to do if you found out about some actions of a publisher that occurred a few years ago? also does a person who leaves the truth and then wants to come back after a number of years have to confess to all the stuff they did when they were out ? or could they theoretically just pick up where they left off if they could withstand the inquiring minds.....

  • crazyblondeb

    I'd like to know the answer to this question, too. My mom (the JW I'm staying with temporarily) told one of her elders about what my stepdad did to me. He wanted to know if he was ever disfellowshipped because of it. Just to see how far they'd take it, I told her I'd never consider attending a meeting as long as he walked around-- unpunished. Of course, I don't plan on EVER going to a meeting, but I'd love to see this played out!! Any other suggestions??


  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    As far as I know,There's no written answer to this, I know of some JW's who drifted away, fooled around like crazy and then returned to the flock and nothing happened to them regarding their sins, yet if a JW who still attended meetings did half the things they had done he would be DFed without question. One thing I have learnt is that the Body of Elders are a law to themselves, depending on the BOE and how well you get along with them or maybe you might be related to one of them will depend on how the treat you and your sins. So sucking up to them with help a lot :-)

  • Elsewhere

    Do do recall a BOE letter that basically stated that if it was discovered that an elder had committed a "serious" sin many years ago that it could be over looked.

    I have no idea where to find that letter... does anyone have it?

  • daystar
    Do do recall a BOE letter

    Heh-heh, heh-heh... he said do-do... heh-heh..

  • Butterfly75

    There was one girl in the hall I attended. She had left and committed sexual sins. She married the guy she was committing them with. Some years pass, they both start attending meeting at the KH. He was never a JW but she was baptised. On there return she confessed what had occured why she was gone. She was publically reproved and not allowed to answer questions at the KH for a period of time. I think about 6 months.

  • still angry
    still angry

    It totally depends on the politics of the kh you belong to. The same sins that some are DF for are sins that other "right" people get away with by displaying a long face during their private meeting. It's completely ridiculus to think that the elders can tell if anyone is truly sorry for their error. What, they have a direct line to God now? If you have drifted away for a while and have come back, I know that the elders will want to talk to you about any sins you may have committed while away. Just look really pathetic, and say how you just couldn't live like that anymore and you have realized the truth.

    Unfortunately, this is why this organization doesn't work, the rules constantly change depending on who you are and how good of an actor you are.

  • sir82
    Do do recall a BOE letter that basically stated that if it was discovered that an elder had committed a "serious" sin many years ago that it could be over looked.

    It was a Kingdom Ministry from the early 70's. It should be easy to find if you have a WT-CD.

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