computer works best when not running ?!?

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  • DannyBloem

    see: for whole story

    Even for the crazy world of quantum mechanics, this one is twisted. A quantum computer program has produced an answer without actually running.


    This scheme could have an advantage over straightforward quantum computing. "A non-running computer produces fewer errors," says Hosten.

    hmmm. remarkable


  • daystar

    That's great!

    I just read an article yesterday, and I wish I could find it again (I'll keep trying), that reported that a study suggested that people often made better decisions and were happier with the results, when they did not think about the problem, rather letting the unconscious decide for them ("going with their gut").

  • skyman

    I read the article last night. It made me think that maybe our first impressions are more correct about people and groups than we think they are. The article was talking about entangled protons. What I think is of interest is that fact that this could start to explain ghost particles. The ghost particles gravity and the natural attraction between molecules in the physical realm has no effect on the ghost particles, the particles seem to pass right though matter. Our brain is a much more advanced computer program that is based on quantum physics, this could exsplain a lot of processes that go on in our brains.

    Glad you posted the thread.

  • IMustBreakAway

    So the computer dreamed the answer. Interesting way of putting it...

  • ballistic

    I wonder if there's some quantum principle for why some things start to work when you kick them, maybe a quantum feel good factor. I boot my computer everyday.

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