billy connoly sticks it to 'dreary' jws

by heretic 1 Replies latest social humour

  • heretic

    hey did anyone hear billy connolys write off of JWs on andrew dentons enough rope (chat show) on monday night. it was good for a bit of a giggle. they were talking about religion he said 'you ever get those jehovahs witnesses at you door, who looks at them and says I want to be like those guys, going around selling a magazine with a dreary crossword in it to people who just got out of the bath'

    or words to the effect...

    i think a few witnos will be off him now

  • misspeaches

    I can’t believe I missed that… Andrew Denton would have lapped it right up too I can imagine..

    I wonder if there is a transcript of the show on ABC website? Must look… As far as I know most JW’s think little of Billy Connolly anyway due to his profanity… You know the nasty nasty swearing words… oooh ahhh!

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